Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Batik & Leather Jacket

Kinda weird mixing batik with leather jacket... But the color just suit each other. Here it is... circular batik dress and cropped jacket.

Batik dress: bought at Sutos (Gravity); leather jacket: manggadua; blue jeans & black shoes

Perfect Length
The below the knee-dress is sooo perfect to cover our thighs and hide some curves, so wearing skinny jeans will not be sexy :)
*but still, at this length, in my opinion wearing legging is still too much too sexy

Questioning The Theory
In theory, pear shaped body is recommended to wear A-line dress. Is circle dress a kind of A-line dress? Because wearing this dress makes me look some kilograms fatter :D
*ummm, maybe it's because your dress is oversize, Tea...