Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Batik & Purple

Yeah, the same batik dress as in yesterday's post :D
*actually yesterday's post was the outfit I wore last week on Friday*

Here's what I really wear yesterday. Umm, my office's dress code at Thursday and Friday are batik. Since I don't have much clothes in my closet, you'd caught me wearing things over and over again.
 Purple tee: unbranded from 2006 (wow I still use it! :D); Inner hijab: square; Batik: Dua Putri (Sutos, Surabaya), jeans: Graphis; shoe: nevada (Matahari); beaded rope as belt; mom's crochet brooch
Turn back!! Oh no!! I have tail!!! don't see!! -___-"

Ohhh I guess I need more batik clothes.
But, ummm,,, it's not a primary need...! do not shop, Tea!!!
it's not a sin to wear the same clothes every week :))

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Batik & Leather Jacket

Kinda weird mixing batik with leather jacket... But the color just suit each other. Here it is... circular batik dress and cropped jacket.

Batik dress: bought at Sutos (Gravity); leather jacket: manggadua; blue jeans & black shoes

Perfect Length
The below the knee-dress is sooo perfect to cover our thighs and hide some curves, so wearing skinny jeans will not be sexy :)
*but still, at this length, in my opinion wearing legging is still too much too sexy

Questioning The Theory
In theory, pear shaped body is recommended to wear A-line dress. Is circle dress a kind of A-line dress? Because wearing this dress makes me look some kilograms fatter :D
*ummm, maybe it's because your dress is oversize, Tea...

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Black & Taupe

What I wore to office (and continued to design class at evening):

Black cardigan: unbranded, Taupe abaya: Vannara, Scarf: Zoya, Shoes: UP

The first picture was taken at my room, and the second picture at my office :D (me came first! So no one notice me click click camera! hahahaha)

What do you think of this combination?
I've heard that we should wear darker outfit for bottom, and lighter color for tops. Guess I'm breaking the rule... But rules are there for breaking, huh? :P

Looking good but not as ourselves?
Do you ever feel that sometimes we don't act like ourself, regarding to fashion? Me do. Just because I would meet stylish people at my design lesson, I would do some effort to mix & match clothes. Spending minutes in front of wardrobe, feeling like I've got nothing to wear. Then spend minutes more mixing this with that or those with these until finding good match.
That way, (maybe) I would look appropriate compared to other design students.

But maybe we could just be ourselves... not pretending to be cool or something. Just wear what we like. Whether it's so out of date, or we've worn it several time... it is much more relaxing (and even comfortable) to let go the stress of wanting new fashionable things--that will lead us to be unstoppable shopper.

Well, I'm still on my journey to have my own style. Are you? :)

PS: I wore UP shoes, designed by Indonesian blogger Diana Rikasari. It's soooo (amazingly) lightweight and comfortable :D

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

What I Love Recently

1. Movie:
3 Idiots
This is an Indian movie, and watching it can really makes you laugh, and then cry, and then happy... just like a roller coaster. I think this movie is really smart and you need to watch it!! Love love love the characters and miss them when the movie's over.
PS: Ummm, don't be fooled by it's cover... the first time I saw it, I thought it's kind of (sorry) porn movie. But nonononno it's not!! What a greeeaaaatttt storyyyyyy

2. Song:
Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
Must be heard and must read the lyrics!!! I love how MJ created songs with universal theme, not always about love. Fallen in love with this song while watching This Is It, and love it even more after I know the lyric :)
I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror / I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways / And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer / If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place / Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change
3. Event:
For those who don't know, HFW is an international fashion event when bloggers around the world showcase their outfit for a specific theme in a week. How fun is it? :) *you can search the label "HFW" on my blog hehee*
And they now have a facebook page, and twitter. If you would like to know or join the next HFW (coming soon this year), please Like and Follow :)

PS: I won't be joining the next HFW... It's your turn, ladies to showcase your looks :)

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Designs Attack!

Assalamu'alaikum dear ladies :) Hehehe I've scanned my design tasks from my design course... I know I've posted some of these before, but here is the real version, with decorated background on black linen paper.
Animal print task. Around June 2010. The hardest part is to draw those pattern one-by-one >.< Still drawing non-hijabi.
Circle skirt. Around July 2010. At that time I've decided to design muslim wear for all of my task.
Unusual Ready-to-wear Trouser design. Around August 2010. Hmmm I didn't know that lately this kind of "Harem pants" would be such a trend, hahaha...
Shantung and chiffon/organdi. Too orange I guess :)) Decorated with beads and gemstone in various color to reduce the monotonous-orange-look.

To be continued later when I've finished some other tasks....
*I know I'm such a bad student, very slow on doing homework >.<

Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Best Comments of The Harem Pants Post

Salaam :) How are you doing? Actually I'm not in a good mood for blogging hehehe... Wanna share a lot of  things but don't wanna spend more time in front of computer -__-" eughh

Um, from the Harem Pants Post, I've got 3 best comments :)
1st: TOO BAD she is ANONYMOUS!! @_@
Anonymous said...
I LOVE harem pants- and I think you've got the attitude to carry them off! I would suggest a more fitted top that ends at your waist, and maybe a cropped or shorter jacket/cardigan for modesty. That would balance the voluminous proportions of the harem pants. Also, gladiator sandals and ballet flats (if you're taller) or strappy heels( if you're not!) work well with this look. Have fun wearing them!
>> Reading this comment boosts my confidence hehehe :] and I guess what she suggest is sort of my style ^^

2nd: Fitri Aulia from Kivitz
Fitri Aulia said...
kalo akuuuuu, aku suka yg ke 3 sih. warna cardinya udah cucok skali. ga usah takut dgn warna gonjreng. cuma sayang kurg panjang sedikit aja sih cardinya. enaknya sampe tutupin bagian bokong, hehe.. maaf ya kalo ada kata2ku yg kurg berkenan. Salam :)

>> Awww thanks for reminding me to be covered up properly, dear ;)

3rd: Cik Hannah Afia from http://alfafea.blogspot.com/
Cik"Hannah-Afia:3 said...
Salaam. Firstly, those pants are gorgeous! :DD Umm, how about wearing a nude colored button down shirt (plain) tucked in, topped of with a sleeveless drapey vest, maybe in white? And black pumps & black socks? Kind of an office suit but also kind of casual coz of the pants.. And a plain dark brown hijab, perhaps? :X
>> Aha! Drapey vest is a cute idea :D

So, given the answers, probably the look will be like this or that ^^
And this is the prize for Fitri Aulia. A drawing of you. Sorry for the lame painting hehehee.
BTW she has a great style and still being modest :) 

For Cik Hannah Afia, I'll be waiting for your picture (been commenting on ur blog but maybe u haven't read it). For Anonymous, so sorryyyy since you're anonymous I can't contact you and anyone claiming to be those 'anonymous' wouldn't be accepted :)

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Dinner at Tiffany's

Salaam :)
Uhm, the second post today, hehehe... So, after a little bit teary on the latest post, here I wanna share my outfit on new year's eve dinner with my big family. Well, my family always has a gathering at some moments, including Idul Fitri, Idul Adha, and new year.

 Taupe abaya: Vannara (coming soon), shawl: cotton.ink, inner hijab: claroshop, brown belt: tuneeca, net cardigan: mom's vintage collection, beads necklace: unbranded

 ...chit chat...
..dinner & karaoke (DVD)..
..pray together..

Happy new year, all :)

New Year, New Challenges

Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullah wabarokatuh..
Happy new year, all!

The sad part of leaving 2010 was because December 31, 2010--which is yesterday--was my last day working at my office. My friends were questioning, why? They thought managing fashion business is my dream.
Well, that's true. And it's my dream, too that someday I will have my own label.

So my plans on 2011 are:
Working at my family's company, which is a catering. They had been offering me to do the branding & merchandising things since months ago. Wait.... does it have connection to my dream? Oh yeah :) After some compromises, they allowed me to study sewing and pattern making. The class will began hopefully on January 2011.

You can see that studying sewing was the biggest motivation, hehe.

According to the plans, I resigned. My bosses was kinda shocked at the beginning, but then accepted it with sincerity. I was very glad that I was given the opportunity to work there with two very inspirational owners (young husband and wive), they have broad visions of their business. Taking care of it seriously, and believe that every person who has worked there should come out as a better person, and hopefully can have their own business.. Thank youuuuu for finding me :')

Then one of the owner decided to join me study sewing! Because she has a big passion for fashion too. From boss to classmate! Hehehe isn't it amazing? :D

Spent the last days of 2010 having a role as a coach for my successor. Hopefully she can manage the office well :) Good luck girl!
Having a good-bye lunch at the office (I brought mi pangsit), and the designer there--who always count the last hours before the goodbye--brought watermelon. Aaahhhh will be missing those moments.

So, goodbye Vannara. But do wait for me to come there coz I still want to buy clothes!!!! Hehehehe...

Hmmmmm... as my boss found me through my blog, there's a big chance that she will read this post too. I just wanna say a biigggg thank youuu for everything! ^^