Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

The Beautiful Engagement

Assalamu'alaikum :)
I won't talk much, let the pictures tell the stories, of my December 11, 2011. Well, it should be a very humble engagement: no hantaran & no engagement rings, but I didn't know how it could be that beautiful :) *maybe becoz my Mom's family worked in a catering company heheheehh alhamdulillaah.. so they decorated my house beautifully*

With my mom :)

Mom & Dad | Me & (inshaAllah) husband wanna be (aamiin)

Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiim :)

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

The Fun Hijabee Sparkling Sunday

#Intermezzo: BIG THANKS for everyone who dropped by my blog & pray for me on my latest post :') Luv u all! And BIG SORRYYY sorryyy sorryyy I haven't visited you alllll

Photos by Acha, Up: Nungki, the talented fashion designer, bottom: Dian Pelangi showing her hijab styles

So, as some of you know, on Dec 4 my community held a pretty big event. I can say big, because we "combine" some events in one day: Fashion show (began with searching model & walk-training), Personality Seminar, Make Up Demo, Bazaar, and the most awaited one: Talkshow of fashion business by Dian Pelangi & Lulu El hasbu from Jakarta. There were also many many many sponsors with different needs, and the committee should accommodate them all.

Photos by: Herjono Darpito
Photos by Acha, Up left to right: Mrs. Aurelia Agatha -- the Personal Class speaker, ms. Rizky & ms. Anna recite Qur'an, ms. Dika & ms. ___ the MC's
Bottom: Lulu El Hasbu & Dian Pelangi

Photos by: Herjuno Darpito

  Photos by: Herjuno Darpito

Our team work was challenged. Sixteen models should be dressed up in 3 terms of fashion show with a total of 48 clothes -- who wears this and who wears that -- how's the hijab style -- get ready in a few minutes; some speakers should be treated well -- as they were our guests at Surabaya; all the speakers & models & singer should be ready near the stage 5 minutes before their time on stage; 10 bazaar stands should be well prepared; etc etc. My job description was to make sure all of the performers ready in 5 minutes. It was all hectic, but still controllable, and... fun!

And I had one of my design to be brought at the fashion show, hehehe... (actually it was my design in this competition -- but the inner dress were lost. Luckily I had those yellowish dress from my sewing task to be worn by the model :p) Thanks Edwina, the model ^o^

I barely couldn't smile that day! Hahahahaaaa... Was really busy goin here & there with my walkie talkie on. So sorry if I met one of you but I forgot to smile :( Didn't have time to take photoshoot. Alhamdulillah my friend took my picture while I was on stage with my design :"> Alhamdulillah I was smiling in that picture hehehehehh...

Lesson learned: event management, personality tips, & fashion business tips for everyone.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Once Upon A December

Whoaaa, December almost end, and I was blogless! (no blog post | speechless)

Too many GREAT NEWS were unwritten, and I was busy doing all little things. I forgot my blog a while :)
So... Dear blog, here I summarized some of my activities this month.

December 3: Rehearsal of Hijabee Sparkling Sunday event

December 4: Hijabee Sparkling Sunday, with Dian Pelangi & Lulu el Hasbu as guest star. There were fashion shows, personality talk show, fashion business tips & hijab tips.
I also got a chance to show 1 of my design!!! Alhamdulillaah :)
*more photos coming soon*

December 5 - 10: Got busy with mom, preparing something.

December 11: I was being proposed :) alhamdulillaah (well, basically it's not an engagement since we didn't exchange ring etc etc... just a commitment to take a path to wedding, insya Allah). I do!!
*more photos coming soon*

December 12: Had lunch at X.O. Suki with mom, dad, and grandma. At afternoon I accompanied Grandma to go home at Bandung by train. I love train-trip! More convenient than airplane heheheh

December 13: Met my dad's junior high school friend in Bandung, tante Joy. She owned a garment business and usually she joined exhibitions in Jakarta & Malaysia & other city (my aunties were her loyal customer, and 2 weeks ago, they revealed that tante Joy was my dad's friend). Had a nice chat, really motivated me to run my own business. She also took me to shopping places & treated me Mi Kocok in Kartika Sari! What a nice lady! ^_^

December 14: Went back to Surabaya by plane, then go to office.

December 15 - 17: Entrepreneur Camp! I won't talk much about this. Just let me do action first heheheh. But I do recommend this camp for those of you who own business, or, for those of you who's still afraid to start a business!

December 18: Arrived home at 02.45. Then spent all day take a rest at home :p

December 19: Go to office, my family's business "Sonokembang Catering" --> hey I'm promoting you, Sonokembang :D

December 20 - 21: Being a committee of Sonokembang's Sales & Project Advisor meeting. Two thumbs for my dad, the meeting's concept was different: interactive group activity.

Whoaaaa what a month! And this month hasn't ended yet! I still have some activity next Sunday :D

Thank You Allah, for all of this experiences.

Two years ago, at December, I was unemployed. Confused, after 2 months of graduation. One by one my friends were accepted at well-known companies. That time, I thought "My friend's grass were greener than mine!"
But then I found out, I love my own grass. Alhamdulillaah, my life journey was fun!!! Thank you for not letting me being an employee of that-big-companies, dear Allah! Heheheheh

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Tea Party

Hehehe this photoshoot was done a few months ago, but I forgot to post it. That time, me and my friends got a chance to have a studio photoshoot. I was wearing a hat! Hahahaha...

I'll give my outfit a theme: "Tea Party"
Maybe if Alice invites me to her jungle tea party with the rabbit an invisible cat, I'll wear this ;)
Hat: Cascade Bandung, Vintage tee's: Cascade Bandung, Pleated skirt: Icons, Black cardi: unbranded, belt: unbranded

And in case you ask me, no, I'm not wearing that hat outside the studio :p *embarrassed*

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

Need or Want: Cotton Ink

Aaaa, I guess I failed this year's Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW). I'm not in the mood to dress up & take a photoshoot. This was the moment when I feel like "I have no clothes", but the truth, my wardrobe is full of clothes. Hmmm maybe some of them are better being donated to others.

Meanwhile, I got an email from cotton ink (it's a regular monthly email), about cotton ink's newest collection. Makes me wanna shop T_T
 Aaahhh I'm drooling some of these long sleeves:

And these cute cape....

And this long dress, probably with an addition at sleeves? ;)

Are these truly my needs? Or do I just want it with no reasons? Hmmm...

Wanna bought me these cute things? Anyone?

Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

HFW day 1: Leaders in Hijab

A very late post on Hijabi Fashion Week. Sorryyy HFW..

Leaders in Hijab.
You can consider every woman's occupation as a leader. Teacher, Mom, Entrepreneur, etc etc.
But you know, behind every successful man in the world, there's a supporting lady behind him.

Let me introduce my leader's version: FIRST LADY :D
Heheheh.. Let's gather all fashionable first lady in the world! Kate Middleton (Prince William's wife), Michelle Obama (Barack Obama's wife), andddd... you list that.

How if we create a hijab style based on their sense of fashion?

~more pictures coming soon~
been hectic this week ;p

See more inspirations on HFW's 1st day here.

Minggu, 27 November 2011

Hijab Tutorial: Semi Turban + Neck Covering

Needs: 1 inner bandana + 1 square hijab + a few pins

Improvement from my latest turban-style, this style has an advantage compared to the last turban style: neck-covered :D I wore this style to a wedding party, and made this video after that. *sorry for the oily skin & pimples >__<* *and my "muka judes", ooohhh so sorry wakaakakk

Hope it is understandable :p *since I increase the video speed hahahah*
Ciao! :D

Rabu, 23 November 2011

Inspiring: Sketches by Krisna Pramadita

A year ago I found a facebook account, containing beautiful sketches. It's Krisna Pramadita's facebook. He designed cute, beautiful, & elegant outfit for hijabi, woman and man, too.. Woww,, wide range of design..

I asked permission to him for posting his sketches here, along with a little interview. Hope it can inspire you, too.
Well, this time i'll use Bahasa Indonesia :) *If I have more spare time, I'll translate it into English heheheh*

Muslim attire
[Ask 1] Mas Krisna mulai suka mendesain sejak kapan?
"Suka mendesign itu sejak SMP, tapi masih gambar sekenanya saja, paling lihat almarhum ibu buat pola dan menjahit pakaian untuk anak-anaknya, di SMA ikut kelas tata busana dan mulai memberanikan diri mewujudkan design yang dibuat."
Sketches in black theme
[Ask 2] Apakah dari awal mas Krisna sudah sekolah desain hingga jadi fashion designer?
"Awalnya saya belajar otodidak, karena sekolah formal yang saya tekuni pun bukan di bidang design, tapi di keperawatan. Namun begitu saya bekerja di garment di Bandung, saya memberanikan diri buat sekolah malam di Pusat Pendidikan Design Bandung. Jujur saja capek banget melaluinya, dimana pagi sampai sore itu bekerja dan malamnya harus sekolah dengan tugas-tugas yang seabreg banyaknya."

Muslim attire
[Ask 3] Sketsa mas Krisna kan ada di majalah wanita muslim ya? Bisa ceritakan awal mulanya?
"Awalnya di tahun 2008 saya dengan isengnya ikut lomba skesta design di majalah wanita muslim UMMI, memang tidak menang saat itu, namun malah diminta untuk mengisi rubrik sketsanya sampai April 2011 kemarin."

Mood board & collages

[Ask 4] Dalam mendesain, mas Krisna dapat inspirasi dari mana?
"Ehm... bicara inspirasi design dapat darimana, alhamdulillah saya dapat banyak sekali inspirasi design dari mulai lingkungan sekitar, majalah, internet atau saat hangout, nonton film, denger musik."

Thank you for the interview, mas Krisna :)
Now we know that to be a fashion designer, there's no "late" word. Even though your education has no relationship with fashion thingy, you could start learning from now (if you have a faith in fashion industry). Inspiration can come from anywhere, so make sure you open your eyes and mind! :D Have a nice day, peeps!

BTW, you can browse his facebook "Krisna Pramadita" to see more sketches.

Jumat, 18 November 2011

Coming Soon, Events You May Like

1. Hijabi Fashion Week
Hijabi Fashion Week is an annual online-event, previously held by Em.
In this event, we sisters had to post regularly each day a week (of course you can do "scheduled post" and start posting now), from Nov 27 to Dec 03.
The fun part is, there's a different theme everyday. And you can see what other's wearing on the theme! Yaaayyy!! here's the theme:
  1. Day 1 -- Leaders in Hijab: what leadership roles do you have or want to try? (President, teacher, mother, Volunteer Leader, CEO etc.). 
  2. Day 2 -- Hobby/Recreation: What do you do when you have free time? (hike, sail, write, paint, etc.)
  3. Day 3 -- Break the Rules: A stylish hijabi can look good in anything, even when she's breaking the rules! Pick a fashion/style rule you always follow, and show us how you'd break it in style! (Any style rule may be broken, except the Islamic criteria for hijab).
  4. Day 4 -- Vacation/Destination: Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?
  5. Day 5 -- Eid & Formal: It's Friday! Dress up! What did you wear for Eid? What do you wear to formal events/parties?
  6. Day 6 -- Date Night: Yesterday you dressed up for you, today dress up for your man! What do you wear when going out with your (future) husband?
  7. Day 7 -- Out with Friends: Finish off the week by hanging out with friends! Where do you usually go? What do you usually do?

More info: here

2. Hijabee Sparkling Sunday
An event for your inner & outer beauty!
There will be some useful talkshows like: beauty talkshow, personality talkshow, and fashion business talkshow. Also, the famous young designer Dian Pelangi & the famous hijabi model Lulu El Hasbu will come! Yaayyy!!
More info: here
Update: limited seat available

Selasa, 15 November 2011

Dear Diary

Okay, so this is a spontaneous post. Do not expect to see anything fashionable here, coz i'm treating my blog as a diary. Just skip this post, okay.

Phewww I felt a little sad. And a little bit disappointed. Ummm, maybe not a little. That's why I wrote this post.

This night after magrib, my brother brought his friends from college to do their task. They are my bro's new friends (first-year college students a.k.a mahasiswa baru). Twenty five boys & girls got into my house.
After preparing mango ice for the guests, me, mom & dad went to a mall, coz our house was noisy (yeah imagine 25 people talking at the same time). Tunjungan Plaza was our destination to find peace (;p). Hehee actually my Dad had a meeting there, and my mom & I was just hanging out (again, to find peace, coz our home was in chaotic situation)

First Disappointment
After eating, buying (discounted) books, and tired of walking, Dad hasn't finished his meeting. So I decided to take a seat at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves (TCB)--which located near the car park. I have never ever bought anything there, nor entered those coffee shop. My curiosity told me to try some of the menu. My Mom had already sat & read her books. And how could we sit without buying anything? So I bought hot chocolate (coz I avoided caffein) at Rp 40.500. Aaaawwww such an expensive price for a cup of hot choco!!!!

Well, probably for some people who loves to hangout, they would spend more money to sit & chit chat, accompanied by a cup of good coffee.
My disappointment was, I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH to know which one is expensive & which one is cheap. I enjoy coffee, but I can't tell you the difference between a sachet of instant coffee which you can get at Rp 1.500 per serving, and a hot cappuccino at a coffee shop which cost more than Rp 30.000. I just like coffee. Doesn't matter how they make it. Same with tea. A cheap cup of tea like teh Tongtji would taste as best as an expensive infusion of Dilmah tea. And chocolate? I like MILO more than what I bought tonight! (Oops sorry TCB, it's the fault of my tongue, not your barista).

So, this time, my curiosity made me realize, that I actually don't have to try any expensive beverage anymore. Coz it will only make me lose my money (without an added value to some kind of appreciation). I mean, if you appreciate classical music, then going to an exclusive concert will relieve your thirst of rhythm. But if you don't really know music, then hearing those music only in MP3 will be OK.

Think before you do something, Tia. Do you really need it? Or just want it?

Second Disappointment
Finally dad, mom & me went home at 10 pm. And found out that my bro's & his friends were still at our house. Motorcycles were everywhere. And my dad's car couldn't get in to the garage.
The right thing to do was to ask my bro's friends whose motorcycle was parked in the way of the car. But after asking, NONE OF THEM really moved. They just... seeing, looking left and right, keep standing in their place. What??
In my opinion, there should be someone feeling responsible. Maybe calling out of his friends who owned the motorcycle, or helping my dad moving the motorcycles. MY DAD BECAME THE ONLY ONE who moved the bikes (with a help from my brother). Whaaattt???
Are kids (pardon me, teens) nowadays so ignorant??? They were just looking at what happened in no expression, like confused, don't know what to do. Why didn't they help?? Although it's not their motorcycle, it belonged to their friends.

This kind of "don't care" behavior, I usually found in my brother's friends. To the house owner, they didn't say hi nor give salam. Just being so ignorant. Well, I can't (and shouldn't) generate all of my bro's friends like that, but I can say, maybe 90% have those kind of i-don't-care-about-anything-but-me behavior.

It's not that as the house owner we want to be respected, no, it's not something like that. But to survive in social world, at least you should have respect to other, especially to the ones older than you.

Well, I'm not saying that I'm already perfect. I learned much at college. Feel the urge to help people in needs. Although it's just a small thing like helping a person collecting his dropped pen, giving direction to a confused people at a supermarket, smiling to a cashier, or just getting rid of a rock which lays in the middle of the street.

I am happy, I grew older with such great-and-caring friends. I learned from my friends to take care, to go to the kitchen and help preparing the foods while everyone was having a fun chit chat outside, to be the last person on an event (like breakfasting at friend's house) and cleaning all the mess. It's probably tiring, and it makes me sick to see others happy while me doing those jobs. But by then, I learned to be a more caring person. If it's not us who feels responsible, then who?

And I expected my brother at least has some friends who also responsible like what my friends did back at college.

Sigh. Things were different now, huh? I hope those kids will grow up soon, so they'll be able to see what's good in our custom, and what's not :)

Sorry for the long & whining post. Feels much better after writing this ;p

Senin, 14 November 2011

Pink vs Black

Ahahaha. This was what I wore to Centro's Most Stylish Onliners.
*embarassed* *covering my face with pillow*
For some things I just felt it was too much hahaha (for the un-matching accessories).

Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Rainbow Vest

Wore Dian Pelangi's shawl as a vest.

Do you also have a habit like me?
Buying "hot items" to know the quality that people adore.

Dian Pelangi's shawl is so in trend right now in Surabaya. I'm not a kind of trend-follower, but I do reeaallyyy curious on "why people love that shawl?"
So I bought one :D

Review: the shawl is easy to wear, the material falls down beautifully, has beautiful vibrant colors, and it's relatively cheap for a kind of artwork (the tie dye-motif is handmade!). Cheaper than the 'tie dye cotton shawl' which is also in trend.
And i heard such things that in Dian Pelangi's branch boutique at Surabaya, the items were sold out coz people bought so many, to be sold again in a much higher price.
Oh my, such a phenomenon rite?
Me also bought this shawl from my friend, more expensive Rp 5.000 than the original price, hahaha..

But it's curiosity.
And i'm happy to have one :)

Minggu, 06 November 2011

Happy Eid!

Happy Eid, everyone!
Hope we culd be a better person, and learn to be 'ikhlas' in doing good deeds. Aamiin.

BTw this is not my Eid outfit hehehe,, I wore it to attend a wedding 2 days ago.
My blouse has some bow ties :3 hehehehe
Bow tied blouse: Avenue, pleated skirt: Icons, scarf: mom's

Rabu, 02 November 2011

Ordinary Day and a Small Surgery

Okay, two different stories at one post :P

Here's my outfit for work, don't expect to see much fashionable thingy, just ordinary me using very comfortable clothes. Effortless. Just a necklace as accessories. No inner shirt, no inner head cover a.k.a inner ninja, coz nowadays Surabaya is getting hotter. It' 35 degrees...!
If only I have an ugg boots & vintage glasses, this outfit probably looked much more cuter XP heheheh
Actually at these days it's kinda hard to have 'blogging time' Many things to do (cliche reason, huh?)
Huhuhu I wished I could reply all your sweet comments in the previous post.
My writings here were written in the mean time at office.
I hope I'll have time sooonn to visit your blogs, loveliess!!

I will tell you a short (ummm maybe a looong) story about my 'surgery' last week. You can stop reading at this point. It's scary you know...

Well, last week I had a small surgery, inside my mouth.

What happened?
I had a condition named "impacted wisdom tooth", and it (the tooth) needs to be removed.

What? Impacted what?
Impacted wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth is human's third molar.. In some case, the third molar doesn't grow as it should be. My condition was well explained in this picture:
Source of picture:

Should it be treated with surgery? No other way?
Yeah, only surgery can save me from future problems. The small problems now was only: food residue (usually meat) got slipped between the back of teeth, and usually causing my gum swelling. The future problems could be: the food residue harm the tooth, making infections, and harmed the nerves (lots of tooth nerves connected to brain isn't it!)

How was the surgery?
My right gum got injected by anesthetic and I couldn't feel anything. Then the dentist cut my gum. Yeah, cut it. Theeen, he drilled my impacted tooth with what-so-called BOR in Indonesia. He destroyed the impacted tooth and removed it from my gum. Then my gum was being stitched.

Hmmm pretty scary huh?
Thank God, my mouth was paralyzed during the process. And I couldn't see blood coming out from my mouth.

What was the worst part of the surgery?
The worst part was: got awaken at 1 am, feeling all aware, and the anesthetic effect has gone! So it was sooo painfull. How can it not be? I mean, my gum was being cut! And I was literally crying until 3 am, then I put cold ice to my cheek to reduce the pain, and forced myself to sleep.
Then, in the morning, my cheek was bloating verryyy biiig, like I was chewing something inside my right cheek.

For a week I eat steamed rice and soft foodssss... Luckily the dentist told me it was okay to eat ice cream or drinking fruit juice, so I pamper myself buying a bucket of Wall's Double Dutch!! Yummyyy :9

Alhamdulillah my right-third-molar was gone in this young age. But I still have 3 molars to remove! (all of my wisdom teeth are impacted) AAAAAA....!!

BTW I found out Indi (a sweet blogger) also had wisdom teeth surgery, check it heeereee!

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

How To Wear Batik Pants

Here I used my DIY Batik Hareem Pants. Since my sweater was too long, it covered the "hareem shape". I added elastic band to the ankles (feet holes), so it wrinkled. If my pants didn't have the elastic band, probably it would look like ordinary pants.
What I wore last Sunday:
Top: my mom's (from Heritage FO Bandung), Necklace: gift from Dannis; belt: Cherry chan; bag: mom's; Hareem Pants: DIY; flats: mom's. I was kinda bored with inner ninja, pashmina and so on, so I wore my ciput & paris :D

Hehehe I don't know if this tips would be useful, but maybe you can add elastic band to your cheap-comfortable-batik-pants (usually sold at Rp 15.000 at Malioboro), and voila, you get a new look :)

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Oxford Girl in Batik

Hehehehe I was having fun with my new shoes. I know the outfit doesn't match, and I rolled my jeans a bit to add more cuteness (wakakakaka) :p
Batik dress: Dua Putri; Blue cardi: Surabaya garage sale, denim pants: unbranded; sock: sox gallery; "oxford" look alike shoes: Maggie shop (facebook)

About the shoe store: it's from a made-by-order online shop, pretty cheap, & I love the shoe design, buuutttt they're not really good at service. My shoes were delivered almost 3 months after I ordered (maybe their orders were over capacity?).
Do you have any experience with made-by-order shoe shop? Or any recommended shop? :D

Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Reunion at Friend's Wedding

I love how a wedding could be a 'reason' to get reunited with good friends :)
Sooo happy when I attended Asthi's wedding last month, at Taman Mini Jakarta.
Top: Thirty guests from Teknik Industri 2005 ITS!! Woohoooo,, probably this was the most-attended-wedding of 2005 family this year :) | Bottom: Look at the boys expression!! They looked so happy! Can you feel the happiness? :D

Top: girlssss took picture with the bride :D | Bottom: hey heyy we're KOI laboratory assistant! (the groom was KOI assistant too--our senior) BY THE WAY it's the first time I saw my senior using eyeshadowww heheheheheehh

Top: Just a crazy pose :P | Bottom: I found myself looked a lil'bit cute ;p so I posted this pic hahahhaaaa

We stayed at the wedding reception until all guests went home, and had the chance to have a chit chat with bride & groom. And we continued the chit chat until the bride & groom left the building :))

Hwaaaa I miss them, I miss the ambiance of seeing good friends :D

PS: what I wore: the same piece of blouse like I wear here (Mom's); pleated skirt: Icons; clutch: Mom's
PS: Pictures are from Galih Febrianto & Virnanda T. Seffy's cameras. Thank youuu for the great pics! :')

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Poster Design: Financial Planning for Newly Weds

Tadaaaa, my new poster design! I was so excited to make this poster coz my design concept was: comic!
You know, "financial planning things" looked a lil' bit scary and boring, so why not spice it up with a cute poster? :D
design by: me
Do come to the event if you wanna know more about how to arrange money, whether you're a new wife, or just planning to get married soon :)
*Pssst, limited seats, only for 30 participants!

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Gothic Lolita

While gothic represents something dark and scary, lolita is a word used to describe a girly style that looks like a doll. Here's my design (actually my task at design lesson almost a year ago) in Gothic Lolita theme!
designed & sketched by me
Full of layers and ruffles and ribbons and volumes...
Hehehe, in Japan, it's probably acceptable to wear outfit like that (there were some groups of girls who love wearing lolita's clothes--just browse! And be amazed :D). In Indonesia? Helloooo, are you going to a carnival? :p

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Finally! Congratulation for the winners :D And thanks for everyone participating, I hope you all get your luckiness something sometime ^^ Thank you for spreading the happiness!

Pourvous Dream Aromatic Pillow: Rafabacil & Dweedy

Vannara Cardigan: Riska Susi

Tealovero Blooming Tea: Santril & Ardyan Nisa

Ethnic Necklace: Eriska Idamantari

I've sent my emails & will wait until the next 2x24 hours for respond. If not, I'll choose another winner. Fair? All winners have confirmed :) Please wait patiently yaaaa ^^

*How did I choose the winner?
I list down everyone participating, according to what they want. Then I took random number. Voila, I got the winners (and checked if they did all the rules) ;)

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Hijab Tutorial: Paris Turban

Woohoooo my first videooo >__<

Inspired by Fika and her tutorials, I made my own video :D

*awww so shy to show this, especially how my expression turned out to be flirty in the whoooleee video (but I swear I had no intention to be flirty!). Aaaand my acne on my right cheek... hahaha if you notice :p*

Here's a (2, actually) very simple turban using paris hijab (square thin cotton), which can be applied if you're in a hurry to go to a quite special occasion. Well, we've been collecting various colors of pris hijab when suddenly the shawl-trend came, rite? :D So here's just an idea on how to use our paris hijab.

Needs: 1 paris hijab, 1 inner for head & neck, 1 pin, & 1 brooch
Pros: quick, easy
Cons: no chest covering

Back song: Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

Here's the link on youtube :)
My previous hijab tutorial on this blog: braided hijab.

To Lose and to Have

To Lose
World has lost one great person yesterday. Yeah, Steve Jobs has left us with his wonderful inventions :')
I believe, he carries blessings to the world afterlife. Imagine this: every time a person reads Qur'an in iPhone, or each time someone learn new things through his iPad, or maybe when a person creates da'wah video using his apple macbook? And how many hearts had been touched by Steve's speech? I don't know him, but may he rest in peace :)

To Have
And i want to share you a story, dear bloggers.. A few days ago, some of us might received spreading letter about a sick baby named Aaliyah, asking for donation. As usual, I've never really believed about such messages, coz I'm afraid it's just a hoax. I DIDN'T EVEN TRYING to find out the truth. i was busy with my ignorance, astaghfirullah :(

But some of my friends care. They did ring the hospital written in the message (which is RKZ Surabaya), and found out that the baby was really there. And they contacted the baby's father, wanting to know the baby's condition. They visited the hospital. Aaliyah was still sick, diagnosed with asfixia: a condition where brain cannot automatically tells lungs to breathe. So, her life depends on the use of ventilator, attached to her throat, which cost nearly Rp 4million per day.
Due to the high cost, Aaliyah's parents who depends only on the UMR based salary, needs help.

Please follow @coin4aaliyah, and read the whole story of Aaliyah here.

As we still have the chance to breathe freely, feel blessed. Be thankful to God. And if you still have time, please follow the twitter link above, pray for Aaliyah, and RT the important news. If you still have money, a donation will be great too :) Syukron. Jazakumullah khairan katsir.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Cute Finds: Fairy Shoes

Fairy things will always be sweet as it reminds us to our childhood bed time stories.
Be prepared, I'll post some extremely cute things from my recently-found-favorite-shop at Etsy. I'm not lying, I stopped breathing when I saw these. Whoooaaa what cuuuteee shoooess & accesories >.<
Here they areeeee...

Pictures from Fairysteps shop
Super duper cute leather shoes from Fairysteps, England. I'm eyeing on that sand-colored leather shoes, but it cost US$ 176 T_T Gosh, the maker is soooo creative! And it's all handmade!

Pictures from Zave's felt shop
I WANT that fairy shoes having curly front!!! It's US$ 62 from Zave's felt, Lithuania. They are all made from felt wool, and you can see that the shoes don't have any stitch. OW MY GOD I want to be able to make thaaaattt!

Just visit their shops and, I don't know about you, but I do wanna cry wanting these and thats :D

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Happy Batik Day!

Have you heard? Today, October 2, is Batik Dayyyy!!
Batik vest: DIY project; Skirt: handmade by myself)
What's your favorite motif of batik? So many motifs: mega mendung, udan liris, kawung, parang, aawww my knowledge was sooo little. I don't know much, meanwhile, Indonesian culture is sooo rich!
UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization)`s list describes Indonesian Batik as: The techniques, symbolism and culture surrounding hand-dyed cotton and silk garments known as Indonesian Batik permeate the lives of Indonesians from beginning to end: infants are carried in batik slings decorated with symbols designed to bring the child luck, and the dead are shrouded in funerary batik. (Source:
Let's be proud, Indonesian! :D

By the way, GIVEAWAY is 4 days left. Hurry hurry ;)

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Red Cross

Had some outfit pictures but I don't think they're really blogworthy :p (do you ever posted something that someday you regret posting it? Not because bad comments or what, but just because.)
Here's what I wore to work last week.
Hehe. Actually wanna blog a lot but in a hurry now >__<

BTW have you entered my GIVEAWAY? Still got 5 days left ;)

Selasa, 20 September 2011

Giveaway! Do you love freebies? :D

Assalamu'alaikum.. Hiiiiii everyoooneeee... Halo semuaaaa :D
This time, I'm holding a GIVEAWAYYY!!! Yayyy!! Who doesn't love giveaway? ;D

But sorryyy, this giveaway is open for those who lives at Indonesia only ^^
Hence, I'll use Bahasa Indonesia for this post.... starting from... NOW!

Hadiahnya bisa dipilih tergantung mana yang disuka:

  • Blooming tea dari Tealovero untuk 2 pemenang
  • Kalung etnik untuk 1 pemenang
  • Dream Aromatic Pillow dari Pourvous untuk 2 pemenang 
  • Cardigan dari Vannara untuk 1 pemenang
Totalnya ada 6 hadiah. Berarti bakal ada 6 pemenang, ya :D

Cara ikutannya? --> baca baik-baik ya B-)
  1. Pilih hadiah yang diinginkan (boleh lebih dari satu)
  2. Join socmed SPONSOR: untuk Tealovero: add FB-nya | untuk Pourvous: follow @mypourvous & Like Pourvous.Bodycare | untuk Vannara: Like fanpagenya. Follow blog tealovecoffee ga wajib kok, tapi dianjurkan (hahaha)
  3. Tulis di kolom komentar: 
  • hadiah apa yang kamu inginkan
  • bahwa kamu udah join socmed sponsor (sebutkan akunmu juga ya untuk ngecek ;D)
  • khusus hadiah dari TealoveroPourvous dan Vannara: produk apa yang paling kamu sukai dari web-nya sponsor? (silakan ke webnya mereka untuk pilih2 apa yang kamu suka ya)
  • alamat emailmu (untuk dihubungi kalau menang)
  • kalau ikut menyebarkan giveaway ini via twitter atau via blog (untuk dapat tambahan poin)
Contoh komentar: 
Tia: "Saya pilih hadiah dari Toko ABC, sudah follow twitternya ABC dari akun saya @tianandaw. Udah follow blog ini juga lho. Kalo dari webnya ABC, paling suka kecapnya soalnya paling murah.
Juga hadiah dari XYZ. Udah di-like dari akun Tiananda. Paling suka produk anu karena blablabla.
Semoga menang :D | tiananda_w(at)yahoo(dot)com"

Ketentuan lainnya:
  • Diharapkan 1 orang nulisnya di 1 komentar aja ya supaya gampang rekapnya :)
  • Pemenang akan dipilih secara acak tanggal 5 Oktober 2011 
  • Satu pemenang hanya bisa mendapatkan satu produk
  • Pemenang akan dihubungi dari alamat email yang dicantumkan
Ada yang kurang jelas? Good luck ya! :D

Kamis, 15 September 2011

Purple + Black

While at Jakarta last Sunday, I went to Dapur Cokelat to buy hot chocolate :D They had chocolate cube, which is consumed by inserting it into hot milk, and it will melt to create nice hot chocolate. But I like their cold chocolate drink better. Yum yum...
Narsis dikit lah :p
What I wear: black cardi - unbranded; purple crochet blouse - unbranded; grey skirt - corniche; pinkish shoes - andrew; hijabstyle - dianpelangi's style
Tips: if you want to buy chocolate truffles at Dapur Chocolate, make sure to ask which one not containing rhum or liquor (if you believe rhum & liquor are not halal)

Rabu, 14 September 2011

DIY: Harem Pants

Do you like harem pants? I don't know, haven't got the chance to wear harem pants without making my hips looked wider than ever :p
However, last week I spent 3 hours thinking and creating my own batik harem pants. Wanna know how? See this pic :)
PS: sorry for the blurry images. Taken by my 2MP cell phone.

Well, just draw the pattern on your fabric: make sure it's wide (mine was maybe 2x wider than my usual pants)
The pattern was the same, front & back
Sew the sides
Crumple the waist, sew to make pleats
Leave the waist it wide enough so you can wear it & pin it to secure
(You could just add elastic band or zipper, but I was too lazy to do that -__-*)

I know, if any of you understand how to make pattern, my pattern was too simple and not good hahahaha
Wait for the next few days, I will wear this pants :p
PS: see this post, I used the pants! :D

Jumat, 09 September 2011

TV Show Victim

Assalamu'alaikuum :D Nowadays I found it harder to post at this blog regularly >_<
BTW Now I'm at airport lounge waiting for my plane, have nothing to do, and I saw a computer with no one using it. So here I am posting! Hahahaha. I am at airport now!

Here's a few photos when I became Hijabee's representation for a local TV Show: Koncoplexx SBO TV.
Actually, we were victims coz no one in the community was able to be at the show -__-*
The show was on air, August 9 afternoon. Woohooo nervous nervous!
Levy, Puput, Chika, Meity (Surabaya's famous radio announcer), me, and Lala
Source of picture: here.

So, have you seen that lately I was a little bit "exist" in media? Hahhaha. Truly, I'm a shy girl.
It's time to hide again :D

*have a safe flight to me!*
*have a wonderful (and blessful) day everyone!*