Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Wedding Gown Design: Inspired by Indonesian Fabric

Had sent these 2 designs for a wedding gown design competition but I loooseeeee.... :D
I guess this design's destiny is to be published at my blog only hehehe.... Here's two different style of wedding dress, created by meeeeee....
Design 1: using batik as ornament, asymmetrically 
Design 2: Using Makassar silk as an outer wear, adapting style of lolita.
 Hmmm probably I will consider the second design as my someday-wedding-dress... hahahahaa....

I do feel that my designs were not quirky enough to be accepted at a design competition... But however, who would want to wear a quirky dress for her wedding? Errr... not me....

Drawn by hand (drawing pen), scanned, colored using Photoshop. Batik & Makassar silk patterns are scanned. BTW, thanks Ghaida from gdagallery.blogspot.com who told me it was Makassar silk :D (I hadn't known the name of those fabric)

PS: I start using an internet ad on my blog, so you will find some words in my article underlined. Do click if you find it interesting, or just ignore them :)