Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Jodhpur? Harem? Errrr...

The lack of knowledge is the reason why I don't know the name of this pants. Bought it because I love the colorful combination. But it had been in my wardrobe since I forget, had NO COURAGE to wear it in public! Hahahaha

Can you help me pick how should I wear this pants? T_T not good at styling... And please suggest me a way to wear it, hehehe..
*Best answer will get a cartoonized painting of yourself, drawn by me :) Sorry for the cheap prize hehe
*UPDATE: best answers had been chosen. Thank youuuu ^^

1. Wearing black top
 Excuse the unmatching shoes :p

2. Wearing turquoise top

3. Wearing hot-pink top

4. Your suggestion