Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

DIY: Scarf Hanger...

... in no more than Rp 10.000!! (USD 1)
What you need: Unused magazine; double tape (USD 0.6); ribbon +- 4 meters ($ 0.2); clothes hanger; scissor.

* I used a pencil to help me rolled the paper -- also to create hole in the pipe.
* Insert a ribbon! Create a ladder! As much as you want!
* Then tie the ribbon to cloth hanger
PS: knot the ribbon at the last intersection of the paper-pipes *ah bingung jelasinnya pake Inggris... pokok'e di perpotongan pipa yg terakhir, tuh pitanya diiket ya kawan, biar gak mlengse2 *halah apa ya bhs Indonesianya*

Looks easy, huh? :D I was just thinking to buy a scarf hanger, and I thought, why not making it? From CRAP to CRAFT!! Hahaha...

I made this yesterday. Now it's still okay. I am a little bit worried about the plastic hanger (well, the magazine-paper-pipes are not things to be worried, they're strong u know..)
I hope the plastic hanger could resist the weight of my scarves. And I need to make more coz there are still many more scarves in my wardrobe that's sooo messy!