Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

DIY Easy Scrapbook

The second time being confused about what to give for wedding present (the first time was written here).. Household appliances such as teapot-set or bed sheet or else could be useful but how if everyone else gives that too?
Angpao (money) is a great choice but surely it's not something memorable..
So, why not just give angpao + scrap book?

I made a scrapbook (very economical) for my best friend. Very quick to be made, too. Steps:
  1. Find Scrapbook Template at google.com
  2. Save the picture
  3. Edit at Photoshop, add your photos
  4. Print at digital printing with a good quality
  5. Bind with lovely ribbon
 The Cover
 First year at industrial engineering, we became friends, got involved at college organization, and had fun together. Years gone by, we'll still be friends. Sweet memories, birthday surprises, tears and laughters will remain in our hearts :')
 We were sooo happy when we graduated. It's time when we shall be separated, but we know we should follow our own destiny. Hey, my best friend has already having picture with her future-in-law, too.
And my most ambitious, talkative, and quirkiest friend was the first one getting married! Married at July 2010, had wedding ceremony party at November 2010. May she and his husband be happy ever after, and have a family as Muhammad s.a.w. guides.
At the back: notes from me and my other besties. The end.

13 komentar:

  1. sungguh kreatif!!!

    pasti jadi kado special buat the bride

  2. nice idea!
    sekarang banyak bgt digital scrapbooking dr yg instan sampe yg utak-atik sendiri..
    buat kado ultah jg oke y *jd inget ada temen mo ultah :D

  3. haha.. keren nih ide nya,
    patut ditiru :D

  4. ah you always have a great idea!!! I love personal gift like this than an expensive gift. Kerasa lebih bermakna :)

  5. hemmm sayangnya ngga tlatenn

  6. aww..love it!
    kreatip :D

  7. subhanallaah, kreatif banget ! thanks for sharing yaaa say :D

  8. I give you blogger award
    please check darl :)



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