Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Award for Redecorating My Room? Ehehe...

Salaam :D
Last weekend I re-layout my room. Well, since I rarely do any sport (ummm, NEVER is a more perfect word), I consider cleaning and changing my room layout as a sport... hahaha

Then I made a simple craft:
Carnival Flags :)
Using pink unused-paper-bag & magenta wrapping paper. Added bones to the magenta ones so they don't swirl.

Aaaaannnddd, received this beautiful award from Rizahati and Prahmahita... Thank youuuuuuu ^^

accepting this award, i am asked to do the following:
1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. share 8 things about myself.
3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered.
4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.
8 things about me:
(argh this list can took me half an hour to write >.< what should I write?? what? what?)
1. Loving creativity sooo much! Wishing to have a room full of cartons & ribbons & pencil colors ---- ummm wait... this is my blogger profile -___-"
2. Sometimes can not difference the line between being stingy or economical.
3. Had found what I really want for life since I started to blog at the end of 2009 :) Thank you blog...
4. Still trying to find what really looks good on my body shape, which is pear. Yeah PEAR. Many tips from the internet, but none can really answer my question, modest clothing for pear shaped body.
5. My natural face is grumpy face! Hahaha... so if you meet me, you would think I am angry or feeling bad.
6. Worn jilbab/hijab since the second year of highscool and had never ever ever thought to let it off.
7. I am truly thinking what to write. Ummmmm this can take me so long.
8. Well, since I cannot pass the 7th, why I should write the 8th? Hehehe just ask me a question, I'm not good at telling stories.

And I'll pass this award to 8 blogs that I have recently discovered:
1. KIVITZ by Fitri Aulia
2. DN by Irna Shahram
3. The Unpredictable by Anisa Nisa_Nichan
4. Nyala by Dina Nyala
5. 3f's by Ajjah
6. Helga Bonanza by Restu
7. Ningnungning by mbak Naning
8. It's Me Lulu by Lulu L.

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  1. thankyou kaaak :) tenang2 pasti aku pajang

  2. tiaaa... makasi yaa.. hihihihi.. aku udah posting dulu, ntar kutambahin namamuu :D

  3. dear..ajjah memang deserve that..die lawa sgt..n style..=.)

  4. aku suka itu benderanyaa hehehe aku suka bgt!aku punya dikamar tp kurang panjang hihi

  5. Hello there
    How u can pass an award to a blogger, sorry im newbie, hehehe..

    i'm following ur blog to my blog

    here is mine..

    its not a brand new blog, its like continuing blog..lol

    nice to meet u, really good blog..


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