Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Jodhpur? Harem? Errrr...

The lack of knowledge is the reason why I don't know the name of this pants. Bought it because I love the colorful combination. But it had been in my wardrobe since I forget, had NO COURAGE to wear it in public! Hahahaha

Can you help me pick how should I wear this pants? T_T not good at styling... And please suggest me a way to wear it, hehehe..
*Best answer will get a cartoonized painting of yourself, drawn by me :) Sorry for the cheap prize hehe
*UPDATE: best answers had been chosen. Thank youuuu ^^

1. Wearing black top
 Excuse the unmatching shoes :p

2. Wearing turquoise top

3. Wearing hot-pink top

4. Your suggestion

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Award for Redecorating My Room? Ehehe...

Salaam :D
Last weekend I re-layout my room. Well, since I rarely do any sport (ummm, NEVER is a more perfect word), I consider cleaning and changing my room layout as a sport... hahaha

Then I made a simple craft:
Carnival Flags :)
Using pink unused-paper-bag & magenta wrapping paper. Added bones to the magenta ones so they don't swirl.

Aaaaannnddd, received this beautiful award from Rizahati and Prahmahita... Thank youuuuuuu ^^

accepting this award, i am asked to do the following:
1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. share 8 things about myself.
3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered.
4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.
8 things about me:
(argh this list can took me half an hour to write >.< what should I write?? what? what?)
1. Loving creativity sooo much! Wishing to have a room full of cartons & ribbons & pencil colors ---- ummm wait... this is my blogger profile -___-"
2. Sometimes can not difference the line between being stingy or economical.
3. Had found what I really want for life since I started to blog at the end of 2009 :) Thank you blog...
4. Still trying to find what really looks good on my body shape, which is pear. Yeah PEAR. Many tips from the internet, but none can really answer my question, modest clothing for pear shaped body.
5. My natural face is grumpy face! Hahaha... so if you meet me, you would think I am angry or feeling bad.
6. Worn jilbab/hijab since the second year of highscool and had never ever ever thought to let it off.
7. I am truly thinking what to write. Ummmmm this can take me so long.
8. Well, since I cannot pass the 7th, why I should write the 8th? Hehehe just ask me a question, I'm not good at telling stories.

And I'll pass this award to 8 blogs that I have recently discovered:
1. KIVITZ by Fitri Aulia
2. DN by Irna Shahram
3. The Unpredictable by Anisa Nisa_Nichan
4. Nyala by Dina Nyala
5. 3f's by Ajjah
6. Helga Bonanza by Restu
7. Ningnungning by mbak Naning
8. It's Me Lulu by Lulu L.

Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

DIY: Scarf Hanger...

... in no more than Rp 10.000!! (USD 1)
What you need: Unused magazine; double tape (USD 0.6); ribbon +- 4 meters ($ 0.2); clothes hanger; scissor.

* I used a pencil to help me rolled the paper -- also to create hole in the pipe.
* Insert a ribbon! Create a ladder! As much as you want!
* Then tie the ribbon to cloth hanger
PS: knot the ribbon at the last intersection of the paper-pipes *ah bingung jelasinnya pake Inggris... pokok'e di perpotongan pipa yg terakhir, tuh pitanya diiket ya kawan, biar gak mlengse2 *halah apa ya bhs Indonesianya*

Looks easy, huh? :D I was just thinking to buy a scarf hanger, and I thought, why not making it? From CRAP to CRAFT!! Hahaha...

I made this yesterday. Now it's still okay. I am a little bit worried about the plastic hanger (well, the magazine-paper-pipes are not things to be worried, they're strong u know..)
I hope the plastic hanger could resist the weight of my scarves. And I need to make more coz there are still many more scarves in my wardrobe that's sooo messy!

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Hijabified: Tsumori Chisato

Ladieeessss... Do you know Tsumori Chisato?

Tsumori Chisato is a Japanese fashion designerShe attended Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College. She began work with Issey Miyake in 1977 and started her own line in 1990. She took her work to Paris in 2003 and has built a following in the United States. Her aesthetic focuses on prints and has a "healthy dose of manga/bohemian cuteness".
I loooove how she mix & match patterns, playing with colors, and keep everything sweet. In this collection, she designed outfits that don't show too much skin. Modest & pretty :) Source: Tsumori Chisato AW 2010-11 collection

 Cute! I imagine it like at Aladin's story :D Love the head piece
Left: aaaa cute bolero!! Right: Lovely dress! That big ribbon adds a special touch
What a beautiful pattern she designed! and love how the drapery looks :)

And how about a Hijabified Look? Do you miss this section on my blog? :P

Extra length for the skirt!
Well, it's cuter when it's shorter I know :D but we don't want our thigh to be seen rite?

Just wear a chest-covering tee and add hijab :D
Aaaawww the color mesmerizes me *_* love love looovee...

What do you think of her designs?
Do you have a special request for this Hijabified section? Tell me if you have favorite designer :D