Selasa, 23 November 2010

Something's Missing...

hehehe, I feel something's missing started from Monday...!!
Yeaaahhh there's no HFW!! Hijabi Fashion Week was over :(
*Hijabi Fashion Week = an online event held by Em from Modesty Theory, which posted participant's outfits for a week

What I love from HFW: I love checking Em's blog everyday to see what will people wear today :D And it's beyond my expectation to be able to post something new everyday :)
What I've already posted for a week.
After the event, I was categorized as "an easy going low maintenance sense of style"
Hahahaha so true :P

Do you have some thought on HFW (do you like it or not, what do you expect, what you don't like, etc etc)?
Please answer the survey here :) Thank youuuu lovely readers ^^