Rabu, 03 November 2010

Random outfit: Pattern Mixing

Ahaha since I don't have anything to post... I'll post my outfit few months ago :D Worn this outfit around April to my mother's office and a bookstore.
Well I'm not good at mixing patterns, and I thought I'd look weird. But no one stared at me me while at the book store that day, so I guess that means okay :P hahaha fashion fails!!
Pardon the face >.<
Sole Mio flowery shirt, hand manset, mom's striped pants, big bag (mangga dua), white moccasin shoes

Been quite busy these days... Ah, maybe this is what it feels if we own a company... Problems kept running in my head even after business hours. Lesson taken: when at home, leave all those problems and enjoy time with family. More and more istighfar...

Don't forget to pray for our country, hope Allah save us all, and forgive our sins... amin..