Kamis, 11 November 2010

Purple Pour Vous

What I wore to work yesterday:
Oh yeah I do wear these sort of things... This is what I like about working in a non formal job :D
Purple stripes shirt / boxy tee / grey skirt / doll brooch

Yesterday I had a problem caused by my decision of choosing a wrong printing company. My company's catalog turned out to be soooo dark :( *sigh* and I felt guilty of it.

One thing cheered me up, I've received my order to Pourvous body care. Hehehe Alhamdulillah I won their latest competition (writing an essay about our dream). I got a voucher Rp 175.000 to be spent on their products.
Energetic ginger body butter / milk body scrub / moisturizing foot cream

Body butter: I've bought green tea body butter before this, and I like the green tea more... Well, the ginger body butter's smell is fresh like lemon... (I'm not a citrus-lover :P) Kinda greasy, but I know I need this body butter due to my dry skin
Body scrub: the scrub is rough, but skin feels smoother after that... however I've already fallen in love with Susan's spa body scrub and no product has beat it...
Foot cream: I love the cold effect on my feet.. :D
Overall: I feel safe using these products coz they claimed to be natural (paraben free, lanolin free, color free, methanol fragrance free)... But they're soooooo expensiveeee! :(

Good news that wiped away my worries: today all problems are solved... Thank you Allah... :) Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar!