Jumat, 05 November 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week

|Dear all hijabis :D Here's a great event I wanna share with you all!

What should I do with this?
Well, you should post an outfit a day (whether it's your own pict or you create it from polyvore etc) at those specific date, and I think the most interesting (and challenging) part is...
The Categories!!!
What to post each day:
Day1 (Nov 15): "Money on My Mind" - Work Wear 
what would you wear to work or a future job? 
Day2 (Nov 16): "Celebrate Good Times" - Eid
what would you wear for Eid?
Day3 (Nov17): "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Girl's Night Out
what would you wear when you're chilling with your girls?
Day4 (Nov18): "Vacation is Where I Wanna Be" - Vacation / Holiday
what would you wear if you were to go on vacation or holiday?
Day6 (Nov20): "Lovestoned" - Date Night w/ the Hubby (*wink wink*) 
what would you wear on a date with your hubby or future hubby?
Day5 (Nov19): "Flavor of the Week[End]" - Weekend Wear
how do you dress for the weekends?
Day7 (Nov21): "The Cup of Life" - Running Errands
what would you wear when you go grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, and other random errands?

Wanna join? :D Please contact Em at modestytheory@gmail.com, and let her know... Because she's building a list of everyone who's participating :)

See you ;D 

List of participants:
3fs - http://walkmethere.blogspot.com | Jezmine Blossom - http://jezmineblossom.blogspot.com | The Fashion Project - http://hijabifashionproject.blogspot.com | Mademoiselle M - http://madem0isellem.blogspot.com | Hijab Revival - http://hijabrevival.blogspot.com | Hijabulous - http://hijabulous.blogspot.com | Style N Scarves - http://styleandscarves.blogspot.com | Fatin Liyana - http://honeykoyuki.blogspot.com | Under Urooba's Umbrella - http://underuroobasumbrella.blogspot.com | My Amethyst - http://www.myamethyst-shea.com | Haute Muslimah - http://www.hautemuslimah.com | Fiminin Islamic Fashion - http://fiminin.blogspot.com | Fashion by Fatima - http://fashionbyfatima.blogspot.com | Zinah - http://zinahns.blogspot.com | Hijab Style Guide - http://www.hijabstyleguide.com | Tea Love Coffee - http://tiananana.blogspot.com | KakChick's Wardrobe - http://kelatemaghi.blogspot.com | Hijabs & Co - http://hijabsandco.blogspot.com | Modesty Theory - http://modestytheory.blogspot.com