Minggu, 21 November 2010

HFW Day 7: Running errands

Salaam... Well, today is our latest day of HFW :)
A cup of life.... grocery shopping, picking up kids (ups, I haven't had kids!), running here and there...
All those random things should be done, and no time to prepare clothes to be stylish (besides, who cares of your clothes when you go to a market? :P)

At those moments I'll just take a random shirt, random skirt, and a matching jilbab :D
In a hurry! Hehehe
Source of background picture: here

Visit all lovely hijabi ladies at Modesty Theory today :) Thank you Em for inviting me in this Hijabi Fashion Week... And joining HFW made me blog everyday (something I usually don't have time for). Hihihi...

So how's your weekend? What will you wear at random moments? I'm not a fashion junkie... As long as my clothes are modest and not bad to be seen, it's enough for me :P