Sabtu, 20 November 2010

HFW Day 6: I'll be waiting for you :)

HFW day 6 theme is "Lovestoned" - Date Night w/ the Hubby
Well, since I haven't had a husband, probably I would wear this kind of outfit for going out with him :)

Dear my future husband, I want to have a dinner in a beautiful villa near a beach or lake...
Source of background picture: here :)

 Drape cardi: Elizabeth (Elizabeth toko tas itu lhooo :D) / Ethnic brooch: malioboro / navy neptune dress / mom's hat for costume party -_-

Hihihi I saw those hat before I do photoshoot and I thought the color match my cardi & my dream date (kind of a vacation) :P
Hopefully one day I can be a good wife for my husband and a good mom for my kids. Love you all, even though I haven't met you all :')

PS: Thank you for new followers and readers who gave me sweet comments :">
Will try my best to visit your blogs soon at my free time :)