Jumat, 19 November 2010

HFW Day 5: Weekend, wanna go somewhere?

I'd love to go to Japan Festival if there's any! :D
 Source of background pict: here

Source of Sakura painting; Source of Yosakoi pict

Source of Tanabata pict: here

Besides to know the culture of my lovely country Indonesia, I also have an interest to Japan's things. Once when I was still at high school, there's a Japan exhibition at my school. Me and my best friends were sooo happy playing traditional Japanese toys. And we got some origami bookmark as the prize :) ahhhh what a beautiful memory..

Soooo if there's by any chance I could go to a Japanese festival at weekend, I would wear this outfit :D
A kimono-inspired skirt / long tee / net cardigan

*sorry for the lame editing of photoshop :P rush rush not neat hehehee

For more ideas of weekend outfit, visit Modesty Theory :)

9 komentar:

  1. lucuuu skirtnyaa i love it

  2. Simply love your skirt!

  3. mbaa tia, unik banget roknya . bikin ya mbaa? hehe salam kenaal yaa mbaaa :)

  4. tia... Bagus kok editannya :)terlihat seperti kmu lg di jepang,hehehe

  5. @all: hehe thanks... actually the skirt is one of my mom's property :D

    thanks for visiting ^^


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