Rabu, 17 November 2010

HFW Day 3: Girl's night out!

Salaam dear ladies :)

Actually I wore this outfit on Saturday for work, then continued to a bookstore with my brother at afternoon. That day, "Indie Clothing Expo" was held at Gramedia Bookstore Surabaya. Me and my brother bought nothing, loosing our appetite to shop... oh so crowded!!
Me don't like crowd >.<
Then we bought a book and drank milkshake at the cafe :P

Sooo... the theme was actually Girl's night out... But here, I used the outfit for brother & sister's night out :D
Striped dress: vintage find / drape cardigan: Elizabeth / blah blah blah who cares ;D
Hijab styling... sort of Dian Pelangi's style hehehe

Wearing this outfit, I was called "Bu.." (Maam) at the bookstore! Do I look that old??? T_T
I hope people didn't think that my brother was my son -_-"

*BTW this Wednesday is Eid Mubarak at Indonesia :) May Allah bless us all & gives us wisdom and faith like Nabi Ibrahim, amiin

For other outfit ideas please visit Modesty Theory :) She hosts this HFW event :D

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  1. waaaa,,,gayanya Tia keren2 ya...
    aku belum pernah tuh make jilbab model kaya gitu...

  2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  3. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  4. waa aku suka striped dressnya :)

  5. salam..

    hi der...good lauck 4 d project yarr..
    u've got a CUTE style here..
    LOVE it.. ^^

  6. tiaaa...aku suka skali sama gaya mu yg kayak ginii, lebih chic dan urban gitu ;)
    Oh ya, drape cargidan nya keren tiii,love love..

  7. tiaaaa..suka ama drape cardinyaaa..beli dimanakah ituu?mau mau mau..hihi

    nice outfit ti..simply chic!!

  8. aku paling suka yang ini ka. :D.

  9. aaa..suka bangeedd sama yg inii >.<
    terutama striped dress nya sama cardigannya..kereeennn tiii,love it!
    tambah manis dengan kalungnya..sumpah mupeng >.<

    aahh iri aja mereka yg manggil km "Bu" loh?! :D

  10. abis ngiler liat drape cardi nya fika, tambah ngileerr liat yang inii.. hoho.. cantik tia :)


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