Selasa, 16 November 2010

HFW Day 2: Celebrate the good times

Assalamu'alaikum ladies :D
 HFW Post day 2!!! Yayayayyay :)
This is what I want to wear for Eid, hihihi lots of colors! (unless if my mother tell me not to :p -- in case it hurts people's eyes)
*you know I rarely wear lots of colors in one outfit hehehe*
Pink-longer back hoodie shirt: Omara *discounted item! hehehe* / Turquoise hijab + brown inner: Claro / Ethnic necklace
I wish those shirt was longer to cover my feet...

Hmmm I want to create a bedtime story "Little Pink Riding Hood" ^o^
Sooo, little pink riding hood went to grandma's house, but on her way she met a hungry wolf! Then she and the wolf walked together to grandma's house, and then with grandma, they pray for Eid. After that they eat lamb's meat :D Hahaha happy ever after..

Alternatives of hijab style:
a. Braided hijab (see tutorial here) -- should add another scarf to cover the chest!; b. Swish side (tie hijab at the back, pull the 2 layers to the front, then let one layer to cover ur chest); c. unspeakable :-?

For more ideas of Eid outfit, visit Modesty Theory :D She hosted the Hijabi Fashion Week!