Jumat, 19 November 2010

Found: a Nice Adv :)

Just watched this advertorial via Ajjah...

"This adv really touched me. of how in relationships, love sometime fades. and you need to do something about it. i mean, of course u love each other but sometimes we are too busy with other things and moving on with our lives and we tend to neglect those small things that keep us close to each other."

Ahhh so true :') Me wanna cry watching this video *am I too sensitive or what?*
Thank you Ajjah for holding a contest...
...so that I have to find my favorite post you made (amongst all of your wonderful reviews and creative DIYs)... then I found this post. Thanks for sharing, Ajjah. Now I post this at my blog so that in future, if I need a remembrance, I could stop and go back to be wise, especially about the meaning of love :)

Love is not just a passive feeling. Love is an action.
PS: Visit Ajjah's contest, maybe you have a chance to win Maysaa's head scarf :D And she has a lovely blog, too!
PS (again): heyyy in this advertorial, the woman wears hijab! I hope this could happen to Indonesian advertorial, too :D

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  1. itu cowoknya kaya yg maen di KCB ya....
    blum ngliat videonya...

  2. hehe berhubung aku ga nonton KCB jadi ga tau mirip atau enggak >.<

    iklannya menyentuh looohh


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