Selasa, 30 November 2010

A cup of life & DIY Daily Planner

Last week my 'someone' told me that he's already gotten something for me from Jakarta. He planned to go to Surabaya at weekend to attend our friend's wedding.
"Waaa, what do you have for me?" me said.
"Something small, and you can hold it with in your hands!"
"What is it exactly??" I insisted to know.
"Ahhh let's just do a gift exchange! Now you should prepare something for me!"

Was I wrong to imagine he would give me something like this??
Source of picture: here.

Then I decided to create something by my own hand just for him. Besides, he would give me something precious, right?
A daily planner will fill up his days :D

Then I sewn a book cover (pardon me if the design became too feminine huhuhu). Totally handmade :D

And then, there came the day we do gift exchange.
So curious what he brought me??

Key holder -_____-"

Oh please... A souvenir from an exhibition.... Am I the only one who's pathetically dreaming something romantic or what? What am I gonna do with that?

PS: dear you, anyway thanks for the gift... somehow you're so unique and unexpected :P