Selasa, 23 November 2010

Something's Missing...

hehehe, I feel something's missing started from Monday...!!
Yeaaahhh there's no HFW!! Hijabi Fashion Week was over :(
*Hijabi Fashion Week = an online event held by Em from Modesty Theory, which posted participant's outfits for a week

What I love from HFW: I love checking Em's blog everyday to see what will people wear today :D And it's beyond my expectation to be able to post something new everyday :)
What I've already posted for a week.
After the event, I was categorized as "an easy going low maintenance sense of style"
Hahahaha so true :P

Do you have some thought on HFW (do you like it or not, what do you expect, what you don't like, etc etc)?
Please answer the survey here :) Thank youuuu lovely readers ^^

Minggu, 21 November 2010

HFW Day 7: Running errands

Salaam... Well, today is our latest day of HFW :)
A cup of life.... grocery shopping, picking up kids (ups, I haven't had kids!), running here and there...
All those random things should be done, and no time to prepare clothes to be stylish (besides, who cares of your clothes when you go to a market? :P)

At those moments I'll just take a random shirt, random skirt, and a matching jilbab :D
In a hurry! Hehehe
Source of background picture: here

Visit all lovely hijabi ladies at Modesty Theory today :) Thank you Em for inviting me in this Hijabi Fashion Week... And joining HFW made me blog everyday (something I usually don't have time for). Hihihi...

So how's your weekend? What will you wear at random moments? I'm not a fashion junkie... As long as my clothes are modest and not bad to be seen, it's enough for me :P

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

HFW Day 6: I'll be waiting for you :)

HFW day 6 theme is "Lovestoned" - Date Night w/ the Hubby
Well, since I haven't had a husband, probably I would wear this kind of outfit for going out with him :)

Dear my future husband, I want to have a dinner in a beautiful villa near a beach or lake...
Source of background picture: here :)

 Drape cardi: Elizabeth (Elizabeth toko tas itu lhooo :D) / Ethnic brooch: malioboro / navy neptune dress / mom's hat for costume party -_-

Hihihi I saw those hat before I do photoshoot and I thought the color match my cardi & my dream date (kind of a vacation) :P
Hopefully one day I can be a good wife for my husband and a good mom for my kids. Love you all, even though I haven't met you all :')

PS: Thank you for new followers and readers who gave me sweet comments :">
Will try my best to visit your blogs soon at my free time :)

Jumat, 19 November 2010

HFW Day 5: Weekend, wanna go somewhere?

I'd love to go to Japan Festival if there's any! :D
 Source of background pict: here

Source of Sakura painting; Source of Yosakoi pict

Source of Tanabata pict: here

Besides to know the culture of my lovely country Indonesia, I also have an interest to Japan's things. Once when I was still at high school, there's a Japan exhibition at my school. Me and my best friends were sooo happy playing traditional Japanese toys. And we got some origami bookmark as the prize :) ahhhh what a beautiful memory..

Soooo if there's by any chance I could go to a Japanese festival at weekend, I would wear this outfit :D
A kimono-inspired skirt / long tee / net cardigan

*sorry for the lame editing of photoshop :P rush rush not neat hehehee

For more ideas of weekend outfit, visit Modesty Theory :)

Found: a Nice Adv :)

Just watched this advertorial via Ajjah...

"This adv really touched me. of how in relationships, love sometime fades. and you need to do something about it. i mean, of course u love each other but sometimes we are too busy with other things and moving on with our lives and we tend to neglect those small things that keep us close to each other."

Ahhh so true :') Me wanna cry watching this video *am I too sensitive or what?*
Thank you Ajjah for holding a contest... that I have to find my favorite post you made (amongst all of your wonderful reviews and creative DIYs)... then I found this post. Thanks for sharing, Ajjah. Now I post this at my blog so that in future, if I need a remembrance, I could stop and go back to be wise, especially about the meaning of love :)

Love is not just a passive feeling. Love is an action.
PS: Visit Ajjah's contest, maybe you have a chance to win Maysaa's head scarf :D And she has a lovely blog, too!
PS (again): heyyy in this advertorial, the woman wears hijab! I hope this could happen to Indonesian advertorial, too :D

Kamis, 18 November 2010

HFW Day 4: Holidaaayyy!!

Salaam :)

Vacation is where I wanna be :)
Easy breezy dress + jacket + comfy flats... I'm ready to travel around the world hehehe..

*Actually I wore this outfit on Sunday, but for working (freelance graphic designer at my mom's office hehe)*
Huhu working at holiday... Wearing flowery outfit can boost my mood :D

For other outfit ideas please visit Modesty Theory :) 

Rabu, 17 November 2010

HFW Day 3: Girl's night out!

Salaam dear ladies :)

Actually I wore this outfit on Saturday for work, then continued to a bookstore with my brother at afternoon. That day, "Indie Clothing Expo" was held at Gramedia Bookstore Surabaya. Me and my brother bought nothing, loosing our appetite to shop... oh so crowded!!
Me don't like crowd >.<
Then we bought a book and drank milkshake at the cafe :P

Sooo... the theme was actually Girl's night out... But here, I used the outfit for brother & sister's night out :D
Striped dress: vintage find / drape cardigan: Elizabeth / blah blah blah who cares ;D
Hijab styling... sort of Dian Pelangi's style hehehe

Wearing this outfit, I was called "Bu.." (Maam) at the bookstore! Do I look that old??? T_T
I hope people didn't think that my brother was my son -_-"

*BTW this Wednesday is Eid Mubarak at Indonesia :) May Allah bless us all & gives us wisdom and faith like Nabi Ibrahim, amiin

For other outfit ideas please visit Modesty Theory :) She hosts this HFW event :D

Selasa, 16 November 2010

HFW Day 2: Celebrate the good times

Assalamu'alaikum ladies :D
 HFW Post day 2!!! Yayayayyay :)
This is what I want to wear for Eid, hihihi lots of colors! (unless if my mother tell me not to :p -- in case it hurts people's eyes)
*you know I rarely wear lots of colors in one outfit hehehe*
Pink-longer back hoodie shirt: Omara *discounted item! hehehe* / Turquoise hijab + brown inner: Claro / Ethnic necklace
I wish those shirt was longer to cover my feet...

Hmmm I want to create a bedtime story "Little Pink Riding Hood" ^o^
Sooo, little pink riding hood went to grandma's house, but on her way she met a hungry wolf! Then she and the wolf walked together to grandma's house, and then with grandma, they pray for Eid. After that they eat lamb's meat :D Hahaha happy ever after..

Alternatives of hijab style:
a. Braided hijab (see tutorial here) -- should add another scarf to cover the chest!; b. Swish side (tie hijab at the back, pull the 2 layers to the front, then let one layer to cover ur chest); c. unspeakable :-?

For more ideas of Eid outfit, visit Modesty Theory :D She hosted the Hijabi Fashion Week!

Senin, 15 November 2010

HFW Day 1: Money on My Mind

Assalamu'alaikum :D dear hijabi sisters, today is our first day of Hijabi Fashion Week!
And the theme is: Money on My Mind.
Here's what I wore to work last Monday... Not so formal but neat enough to meet clients.
Hihihi... sorry for the lack of color!
Black dress: vintage find $2, Lace scarf: Mom's, Beads belt: Mom's, Striped bag: $5
Hehehe... get all the looks under $15 :D

Tips: Add a sparkle of color to brighten your monochromatic look

Wanna see all HFW's look today? Visit Modesty Theory ;D
Be inspired everyday on Hijabi Fashion Week 2010!

Kamis, 11 November 2010

Purple Pour Vous

What I wore to work yesterday:
Oh yeah I do wear these sort of things... This is what I like about working in a non formal job :D
Purple stripes shirt / boxy tee / grey skirt / doll brooch

Yesterday I had a problem caused by my decision of choosing a wrong printing company. My company's catalog turned out to be soooo dark :( *sigh* and I felt guilty of it.

One thing cheered me up, I've received my order to Pourvous body care. Hehehe Alhamdulillah I won their latest competition (writing an essay about our dream). I got a voucher Rp 175.000 to be spent on their products.
Energetic ginger body butter / milk body scrub / moisturizing foot cream

Body butter: I've bought green tea body butter before this, and I like the green tea more... Well, the ginger body butter's smell is fresh like lemon... (I'm not a citrus-lover :P) Kinda greasy, but I know I need this body butter due to my dry skin
Body scrub: the scrub is rough, but skin feels smoother after that... however I've already fallen in love with Susan's spa body scrub and no product has beat it...
Foot cream: I love the cold effect on my feet.. :D
Overall: I feel safe using these products coz they claimed to be natural (paraben free, lanolin free, color free, methanol fragrance free)... But they're soooooo expensiveeee! :(

Good news that wiped away my worries: today all problems are solved... Thank you Allah... :) Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar!

Jumat, 05 November 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week

|Dear all hijabis :D Here's a great event I wanna share with you all!

What should I do with this?
Well, you should post an outfit a day (whether it's your own pict or you create it from polyvore etc) at those specific date, and I think the most interesting (and challenging) part is...
The Categories!!!
What to post each day:
Day1 (Nov 15): "Money on My Mind" - Work Wear 
what would you wear to work or a future job? 
Day2 (Nov 16): "Celebrate Good Times" - Eid
what would you wear for Eid?
Day3 (Nov17): "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Girl's Night Out
what would you wear when you're chilling with your girls?
Day4 (Nov18): "Vacation is Where I Wanna Be" - Vacation / Holiday
what would you wear if you were to go on vacation or holiday?
Day6 (Nov20): "Lovestoned" - Date Night w/ the Hubby (*wink wink*) 
what would you wear on a date with your hubby or future hubby?
Day5 (Nov19): "Flavor of the Week[End]" - Weekend Wear
how do you dress for the weekends?
Day7 (Nov21): "The Cup of Life" - Running Errands
what would you wear when you go grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, and other random errands?

Wanna join? :D Please contact Em at, and let her know... Because she's building a list of everyone who's participating :)

See you ;D 

List of participants:
3fs - | Jezmine Blossom - | The Fashion Project - | Mademoiselle M - | Hijab Revival - | Hijabulous - | Style N Scarves - | Fatin Liyana - | Under Urooba's Umbrella - | My Amethyst - | Haute Muslimah - | Fiminin Islamic Fashion - | Fashion by Fatima - | Zinah - | Hijab Style Guide - | Tea Love Coffee - | KakChick's Wardrobe - | Hijabs & Co - | Modesty Theory -

Rabu, 03 November 2010

Random outfit: Pattern Mixing

Ahaha since I don't have anything to post... I'll post my outfit few months ago :D Worn this outfit around April to my mother's office and a bookstore.
Well I'm not good at mixing patterns, and I thought I'd look weird. But no one stared at me me while at the book store that day, so I guess that means okay :P hahaha fashion fails!!
Pardon the face >.<
Sole Mio flowery shirt, hand manset, mom's striped pants, big bag (mangga dua), white moccasin shoes

Been quite busy these days... Ah, maybe this is what it feels if we own a company... Problems kept running in my head even after business hours. Lesson taken: when at home, leave all those problems and enjoy time with family. More and more istighfar...

Don't forget to pray for our country, hope Allah save us all, and forgive our sins... amin..