Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Ecoritage Fashion Show

Assalamu'alaikum... Yesterday, me and my friends had to wear our own designed costume for ARVA Annual Fashion Show.
Here's what I wore :) My own design. It's a batwing cardigan, based on this post.

 What do you think about this pose?
a. It is "Capek dehh" pose ("Whoa I'm tired!")
b. It's "Silauu meeenn!!" pose ("Awhh the sunshine's too bright!")

Anyway, I'm an evening class student (short lesson) of Arva Surabaya. We, and teens program's student must wear our own designed clothes in "Stripes & Volume" or "Plaid" and had a parade at the stage. That was a fascinating moment :) Sooo nervous to walk like a model at stage... can you imagine that?

And here's what the show looked like:
 One-year fashion design student (like a college, much more serious than the evening class I took) presented their designs, worn by model.

Some of the clothes (source:

 Those gown were made by the Sewing & Pattern Making student. Cool, huh?

 Hehehe since I didn't take many photos of myself during the show, here's one snap when I arrived home.
What do you think about this pose?
a. It is "Aww my head is itchy" pose
b. It's "Long lasting deodorant" pose

I do feel my costume was so plain compared by others. But I just love simplicity <3
Anyway, does any of you curious about my hijab style? *Please say yes! hehehehe* I've already took pictures of step-by-step wearing it :P
Also, how to make those fabric corsage. Wait for my next post :)