Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Dream, dream, dream...

Everyone is dreaming. But only a few makes it real :)

Since I was a little kid, I knew I've loved creativity sooo much. I remembered I've started to paint since I was 3 years old, and loved to create birthday cards and to sell newspaper that I made myself :D

But as we're growing older, logic came to our brain and we started to think based on calculations. For some of us, we started to forget our passion and dreams, to prepare "a brighter future". That's what happened to me back then. I once had an intention to study at Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa, or Art-High School... but my logic told me to go to regular, favorite high school in town. Well, I've never regret what I've chosen, because those past is an important part which created who I am right now.

Last year, I was officially an industrial engineer. My friends were starting to work at big companies such as banks or oil companies. During my time being unemployed, I started to blog and browsing and browsing and browsing. Then suddenly I "woke up" from reality, back to my dreams!! My visions which were blurred by perception and definition of success, became clear. I wanna study art, I wanna design a lot... I wanna have my own company, my own fashion label, my own free time! It's such a big dream for me coz I have lack of knowledge at fashion and entrepreneurship. Will I be able to do that?

God hears our deepest wish :)

Suddenly a garment industry called me after seeing my blog. Can you imagine that? After months of applying for job, I was founded... someone sees me... because of my 'creative' blog! I'd took that chance! I can study a lot at the job!

Now, it can be said that I'm living my dream. Working everyday as a learning process, and being able to take a course twice a week at Fashion School. Isn't that cool? Hehehe (of course it's cool for ME because it's MY DREAM)

Some people maybe sees me wrong. "You're an engineer aren't you?" or "Why didn't you try to apply at X company? They offer big salary.."

I realized that life is too short to not following our passion & dreams. Whatever people say, this is OUR life. WE are THE ONE that live every single day on our chosen path.
Everyone who is brave enough to take the risk before me, maybe is hundreds step forward. So many people out there who is much moooreee creative than me. I'll try to catch up! I'm still far far away... But I will catch you my dreams!! And the question is, will I be able to do that?

To be continued :) wait for the result! Hehehehe...

And this is an entry for Pourvous Body Care competiton :) Love their products...

In ONE PARAGRAPH: To be counted as an entry at Piacerre Sinyorin's competition ;D
Dream is one most precious thing people have. Living our dream will maybe not make us richer or more popular, but it will simply make you happy to follow your own passion. People may think you take the wrong path, but because YOU're the one LIVING in your own live, why should bother any wronged perception? (As long as we're not breaking law or religion :D) My dream is to have my own clothing company. Why? Simple reason: I LOOOVE creativity, I want to be able to choose my own free time, and I wanna make sure I can be able to have quality time with my future family :)

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  1. Oh wow, that is a dream come true! I envy you sister. Stories like this keeps my desire burning :)

  2. Wish you luck kak Tiana!

  3. Tia, this is really inspiring.. I'm studying again, taking another degree this time something that I really want, that I really like :)

  4. tiaaaaa...hug hug sama dong sayang, setelah menamatkan dan mendapat gelarku, aku ingin menjalani apa yang aku inginkan, belajar menjahit juga sepertinya :D tunggu aku yang akan menyusulmu belajar mewujudkan mimpiku hehehe

  5. satu posting untuk 2 kontes yaa
    hebat nih Tia

    semoga menang yaaaa

  6. waw, ternyata tia seorang engineer..keren!
    emang yg paling nyaman itu menjalani apa yg kita suka yah, pasti sukses!
    mudah2an mimpinya tercapai ya ti, amiin :)

  7. thenkyu for comment in my blog :)
    hahahha... iya nih....
    kalau kita suka tuh apa aja jadi lancar....... seneng... dan gag ada tekanan.... hehehe semoga aku juga bisa kaya kamu..... dilirik gara gara blog... hehehe

  8. Amin semoga tercapai mimpi2nya ^^

    oh iya pengumuman si ata hari ini :D

  9. awwww hug hug you all... :')
    thank you for all your sweet comments...
    wish us luck in every path we choose, amin...


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