Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

Batik Dayyy yaayyy

Happy Batik Dayyy peeps :D
Crocheted bag, ethnic necklace (Malioboro Yogyakarta, IDR 5K), batik wrap trouser (Mom's), black shoes & cardigan
Alhamdulillah today is fun fun fun... I've bought a high heels shoes, 12.5 cm (what??) Coz I'll be joining the fashion show insyaAllah :D thanks for all your support, friends ^^
Today I
eat Sour Sally frozen yogurt yum yum yum
eat Papa Rons Pizza... loaded to the max original...
buy Libby Brownies
Hahaha if I keep living like this, I'm gonna be broke... Only for today I promise :) And maybe I'll sell my high heel shoes after the show since I'm not used to those kind of shoes -_-

Tomorrow I'll be joining a walking-class at my design lesson.. Yeah, although each student only have few seconds to spend at the catwalk, that few seconds will be a disastrous moment if we dunno how to walk like a model :)) wakakaka

Good nite everyone... ;)