Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Tutorial: Braided Hijab

Assalamu'alaikum... Voila, here comes again the Hijab Tutorial hehehe...
hijab tutorial inspiration

Actually this hijab style was inspired by miss Hanna from Hijabscarf :)

Here are the steps...
What's needed: Inner hijab, Square hijab, 4 pins
Hijab tutorial
1. Wear a basic hijab to cover your ear and neck. Remember that it's part of our aurat and don't let them be seen ;)
I used dark brown spandex headdress by Claro and light brown inner by Tuneeca (worn backside)
You can wear a basic hijab, too :)
 2. Add a square hijab (that has been fold triangle). To be neater, use pins: 1 over your head (so the hijab won't slip), 1 at each side below your ears
3. Bring all remaining of hijab to one side
4. Make braid from the fabric, pin at the end so it won't fall apart.

I took the braid to the other side of my neck and pin it with a corsage. Or you can just left it hanging there :D
Voila it's done...

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