Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Tutorial: Braided Hijab

Assalamu'alaikum... Voila, here comes again the Hijab Tutorial hehehe...
hijab tutorial inspiration

Actually this hijab style was inspired by miss Hanna from Hijabscarf :)

Here are the steps...
What's needed: Inner hijab, Square hijab, 4 pins
Hijab tutorial
1. Wear a basic hijab to cover your ear and neck. Remember that it's part of our aurat and don't let them be seen ;)
I used dark brown spandex headdress by Claro and light brown inner by Tuneeca (worn backside)
You can wear a basic hijab, too :)
 2. Add a square hijab (that has been fold triangle). To be neater, use pins: 1 over your head (so the hijab won't slip), 1 at each side below your ears
3. Bring all remaining of hijab to one side
4. Make braid from the fabric, pin at the end so it won't fall apart.

I took the braid to the other side of my neck and pin it with a corsage. Or you can just left it hanging there :D
Voila it's done...

Click here for my fabric corsage tutorial ^o^

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  1. hmm..terlihat mudah, bisa dicoba nanti nih..makasiii tiaa bwt sharenya ^^

  2. weitss.. manglingi banget tia :)
    anw kenapa ga langsung pake headdressnya aja ti? maksude ga usah pake tuneeca nya. kalo liat di FB claro bisa langsung pake nampaknya.

  3. wah,,,mantap niy....
    ntar dicoba ah...
    makasih Tia...

  4. 2 thumbs up buat Tia!!!

  5. hehe pokoknya cantik deh mbaak

  6. @mba Naning: kedodoran mbak kalo ga dikasi daleman lagi :( apa harus dijahit dulu yah..

    @all: tararengkyuuuu :D

  7. What a great idea! I love how original you are, mashaAllah


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