Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Random: Purple & Pouch

Assalamu'alaikum :) Hehehe alhamdulillah I have a chance to post the latest package came for meeee... It's Mba Elsa's prize for Baby Dija's competition ^o^
She's so creative and talented... someday I wanna learn how to sew by machine *I'm afraid of sewing machine*
 Wanna make a pouch like this? Visit the step-by-step tutorial at mba Elsa's blog here.

And this is a look I've already worn maybe 4 times since I bought the dress... hahaha
Purple gamis: Vannara, inner hijab (left): Tuneeca.
Notice the difference between those 2 pictures?
I worn those at different weeks... and actually this week I worn that gamis again :) What can I say? wearing gamis always save my time!

Pray for this week: (and following weeks)
Allah, please give me and my readers and our family health and succeed... and ways to solve our problem and reach our dreams. Amiin.

My bosses will go to pilgrimage (Hajj) tomorrow... and I'll be the person in charge at the office... wish me luck!!! A little bit worried but surely will go through it. Ganbatte!

14 komentar:

  1. Tia cantik bgt make gamis...cocok bgt...
    Selamat ya menangin giveawaynya baby dija

  2. pouch nya lucuu..
    emmm lebih suka style hijab yang sebelah kiri :D

    semangad tia, sukses buat kerjaannya yaa ^^

  3. hueeee.....
    malunya, pouch nya dipajang gitu.
    sorry, pouchnya gak rapi

  4. Tante Tia...
    Dija kepingin deh ketemu sama Tante Tia...

    dulu Ibunya Dija juga sekolah di Arva lhooo

  5. waaa selamat ya, pouchnya cantik :)

  6. Numpang komen ya Tia, kalo buat diri sendiri bilangnya "Gambarimasu". "Gambatte" atau "Ganbatte" atau ditambah "ne" di belakang itu buat orang lain.

    Gambatte ne!


  7. @ mba Elsa & baby Dija: makasih yaaa atas kesempatannya :D alhamdulillah
    btw itu mah jahitannya rapii kaleeee :P

    @ notesdina: whoaaa makasi buat koreksinya :D kalo gitu yang di postinganku ditujukan buat semua orang aja deh ^o^ wkwkk

    @ all: makasiii alhamdulillah :D

  8. I love the dress you are wearing. I personally think that dark purple is the new black. A must have color in anyone's collection. And the colorful lines definitely is a nice touch :)

  9. Cantik pouchnya
    cantik pula gamisnya, eh salah orangnya
    salam mbak, sudah lama nih aku ga mampir :) memang betul, blognya mbak Tia makin oke aja, he he he


  10. cantik banget, tapi lebih cantik yang sebelah kiri :)

  11. suka jg dh klo pake gamis.. trlihat cewe bgt..

  12. wahhh lucu pouchnya :)

    kak tia outfitnya lucu2 deh
    salam kenal kak :DDD


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