Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Random: Purple & Pouch

Assalamu'alaikum :) Hehehe alhamdulillah I have a chance to post the latest package came for meeee... It's Mba Elsa's prize for Baby Dija's competition ^o^
She's so creative and talented... someday I wanna learn how to sew by machine *I'm afraid of sewing machine*
 Wanna make a pouch like this? Visit the step-by-step tutorial at mba Elsa's blog here.

And this is a look I've already worn maybe 4 times since I bought the dress... hahaha
Purple gamis: Vannara, inner hijab (left): Tuneeca.
Notice the difference between those 2 pictures?
I worn those at different weeks... and actually this week I worn that gamis again :) What can I say? wearing gamis always save my time!

Pray for this week: (and following weeks)
Allah, please give me and my readers and our family health and succeed... and ways to solve our problem and reach our dreams. Amiin.

My bosses will go to pilgrimage (Hajj) tomorrow... and I'll be the person in charge at the office... wish me luck!!! A little bit worried but surely will go through it. Ganbatte!

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Dream, dream, dream...

Everyone is dreaming. But only a few makes it real :)

Since I was a little kid, I knew I've loved creativity sooo much. I remembered I've started to paint since I was 3 years old, and loved to create birthday cards and to sell newspaper that I made myself :D

But as we're growing older, logic came to our brain and we started to think based on calculations. For some of us, we started to forget our passion and dreams, to prepare "a brighter future". That's what happened to me back then. I once had an intention to study at Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa, or Art-High School... but my logic told me to go to regular, favorite high school in town. Well, I've never regret what I've chosen, because those past is an important part which created who I am right now.

Last year, I was officially an industrial engineer. My friends were starting to work at big companies such as banks or oil companies. During my time being unemployed, I started to blog and browsing and browsing and browsing. Then suddenly I "woke up" from reality, back to my dreams!! My visions which were blurred by perception and definition of success, became clear. I wanna study art, I wanna design a lot... I wanna have my own company, my own fashion label, my own free time! It's such a big dream for me coz I have lack of knowledge at fashion and entrepreneurship. Will I be able to do that?

God hears our deepest wish :)

Suddenly a garment industry called me after seeing my blog. Can you imagine that? After months of applying for job, I was founded... someone sees me... because of my 'creative' blog! I'd took that chance! I can study a lot at the job!

Now, it can be said that I'm living my dream. Working everyday as a learning process, and being able to take a course twice a week at Fashion School. Isn't that cool? Hehehe (of course it's cool for ME because it's MY DREAM)

Some people maybe sees me wrong. "You're an engineer aren't you?" or "Why didn't you try to apply at X company? They offer big salary.."

I realized that life is too short to not following our passion & dreams. Whatever people say, this is OUR life. WE are THE ONE that live every single day on our chosen path.
Everyone who is brave enough to take the risk before me, maybe is hundreds step forward. So many people out there who is much moooreee creative than me. I'll try to catch up! I'm still far far away... But I will catch you my dreams!! And the question is, will I be able to do that?

To be continued :) wait for the result! Hehehehe...

And this is an entry for Pourvous Body Care competiton :) Love their products...

In ONE PARAGRAPH: To be counted as an entry at Piacerre Sinyorin's competition ;D
Dream is one most precious thing people have. Living our dream will maybe not make us richer or more popular, but it will simply make you happy to follow your own passion. People may think you take the wrong path, but because YOU're the one LIVING in your own live, why should bother any wronged perception? (As long as we're not breaking law or religion :D) My dream is to have my own clothing company. Why? Simple reason: I LOOOVE creativity, I want to be able to choose my own free time, and I wanna make sure I can be able to have quality time with my future family :)

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

DIY: Fabric Corsage

Easy breezy beautiful :)
DIY easy fabric corsage
1. Cut fabric into round shape (different sizes). Preferably satin / chiffon.
2. Burn the sides until they swirl (be careful with the fire!!!)
3. Sew/glue your fabric pieces and add pin at the back

Worn this corsage to Ecoritage fashion show... hehehe...
Anyway this corsage is so easy and you can do better than me ;)

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Tutorial: Braided Hijab

Assalamu'alaikum... Voila, here comes again the Hijab Tutorial hehehe...
hijab tutorial inspiration

Actually this hijab style was inspired by miss Hanna from Hijabscarf :)

Here are the steps...
What's needed: Inner hijab, Square hijab, 4 pins
Hijab tutorial
1. Wear a basic hijab to cover your ear and neck. Remember that it's part of our aurat and don't let them be seen ;)
I used dark brown spandex headdress by Claro and light brown inner by Tuneeca (worn backside)
You can wear a basic hijab, too :)
 2. Add a square hijab (that has been fold triangle). To be neater, use pins: 1 over your head (so the hijab won't slip), 1 at each side below your ears
3. Bring all remaining of hijab to one side
4. Make braid from the fabric, pin at the end so it won't fall apart.

I took the braid to the other side of my neck and pin it with a corsage. Or you can just left it hanging there :D
Voila it's done...

Click here for my fabric corsage tutorial ^o^

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Ecoritage Fashion Show

Assalamu'alaikum... Yesterday, me and my friends had to wear our own designed costume for ARVA Annual Fashion Show.
Here's what I wore :) My own design. It's a batwing cardigan, based on this post.

 What do you think about this pose?
a. It is "Capek dehh" pose ("Whoa I'm tired!")
b. It's "Silauu meeenn!!" pose ("Awhh the sunshine's too bright!")

Anyway, I'm an evening class student (short lesson) of Arva Surabaya. We, and teens program's student must wear our own designed clothes in "Stripes & Volume" or "Plaid" and had a parade at the stage. That was a fascinating moment :) Sooo nervous to walk like a model at stage... can you imagine that?

And here's what the show looked like:
 One-year fashion design student (like a college, much more serious than the evening class I took) presented their designs, worn by model.

Some of the clothes (source:

 Those gown were made by the Sewing & Pattern Making student. Cool, huh?

 Hehehe since I didn't take many photos of myself during the show, here's one snap when I arrived home.
What do you think about this pose?
a. It is "Aww my head is itchy" pose
b. It's "Long lasting deodorant" pose

I do feel my costume was so plain compared by others. But I just love simplicity <3
Anyway, does any of you curious about my hijab style? *Please say yes! hehehehe* I've already took pictures of step-by-step wearing it :P
Also, how to make those fabric corsage. Wait for my next post :)

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

Chocolate butterflies

Hehehe this post supposed to appear at Monday.. i dunno what's wrong with the scheduled post..
What I wore last week:
Wearing brown drape cardigan + brown belt + brown skirt + butterfly scarf to work.

A question, needs to be answered honestly; GIRL ONLY:
Does this kind of outfit makes pear-shaped body exposed even more?

Well, I'm on my journey to find perfect kind of clothes to cover pear-shaped body perfectly :D
Coz I've seen many tips of do's & dont's.. but still can't find the perfect fit...
let the journey begin ^o^

*PS: alhamdulillah I won Dija's giveaway :D thank you mba Elsaaa

Batik Dayyy yaayyy

Happy Batik Dayyy peeps :D
Crocheted bag, ethnic necklace (Malioboro Yogyakarta, IDR 5K), batik wrap trouser (Mom's), black shoes & cardigan
Alhamdulillah today is fun fun fun... I've bought a high heels shoes, 12.5 cm (what??) Coz I'll be joining the fashion show insyaAllah :D thanks for all your support, friends ^^
Today I
eat Sour Sally frozen yogurt yum yum yum
eat Papa Rons Pizza... loaded to the max original...
buy Libby Brownies
Hahaha if I keep living like this, I'm gonna be broke... Only for today I promise :) And maybe I'll sell my high heel shoes after the show since I'm not used to those kind of shoes -_-

Tomorrow I'll be joining a walking-class at my design lesson.. Yeah, although each student only have few seconds to spend at the catwalk, that few seconds will be a disastrous moment if we dunno how to walk like a model :)) wakakaka

Good nite everyone... ;)