Selasa, 07 September 2010

Quick Update

Many things this Ramadhan...

Break fasting with good old friends
Ramadhan is a special event when we could meet our friends :)
This was me & my college friends, Ramadhan a year ago... There were 20s of us...

Breakfasting September 18, 2010.. Only a few left :) Most of my friends have worked far far away from Surabaya. Dewi, the red-girl will be going to Taiwan at Sept 11 2010.. And this Breakfasting was also a warm goodbye for her..

And that was my friend's, Yoyok, birthday... (the boy in red)

We really do enjoy breakfasting at home, where we could have a nice talk and still have a proper place to pray ;)

Daily Outfit
Well, these are some of my daily outfit.. Taken by my cutie pink cellphone hehehe... *too lazy for serious photograph* :p

Lesson I Learned: About 'Ikhlas'
Being ikhlas is not like "you give something without any burden and then you could forget it". We are allowed to feel the burden. But still, we do it because of Allah. Sometimes, without any objection in our heart, we only give little amount of money (ex: Rp 1.000, Rp 5.000 for pengemis). It's okay to give more, with a feeling, "Allah, this is hard for me, because this money means a lot to me. But I'll do it because of You, Allah... Please give me blessings.."
*heard from pengajian ESQ

Mudik, Coming Back Home a.k.a Pulang Kampung :)
And finally... Alhamdulillah this afternoon, after work I'll go MUDIK!! :D how about you dear bloggers? I'll have a trip to: Bandung-Cimahi-Bogor-Jakarta-Wonosobo-Yogyakarta-Surabaya....
So, see you again after Idul Fitri... Hope all the goodness we build this Ramadhan stay still until next Ramadhan... amiin

*PS To be done after Idul Fitri: I saw a Batik Workshop at Hotel Novotel Surabaya. With Rp 35.000 we can make our own batik HP pouch.. (painted by ourselves) I planned to go there after Lebaran holiday...
Any of you wanna join? :D