Kamis, 23 September 2010

A post for a blogger friend

Dear mba Elsa, this post is special for you. Celebrating Dija's half years old, mba Elsa held a giveaway.

I wanna say happy half-birthday to Dija... A sweet baby, who has lost her mom at her day of birth. Luckily, she has Allah who always protect her, and a very-loving aunt, mba Elsa.
Reading your blog, how you love your little niece, really touches me to be a good mom someday :')
So happy half birthday to Dija... You still have years to come. But no worry, because you're showered with love. Getting bigger and smarter and prettier, always be healthy and happy :D

*those picture was drawn by me with photoshop, except for the green leaves & white lace they're from deviantart brushes--sorry I forgot :(
And the font, of course it's not my handwriting :)