Kamis, 23 September 2010

A post for a blogger friend

Dear mba Elsa, this post is special for you. Celebrating Dija's half years old, mba Elsa held a giveaway.

I wanna say happy half-birthday to Dija... A sweet baby, who has lost her mom at her day of birth. Luckily, she has Allah who always protect her, and a very-loving aunt, mba Elsa.
Reading your blog, how you love your little niece, really touches me to be a good mom someday :')
So happy half birthday to Dija... You still have years to come. But no worry, because you're showered with love. Getting bigger and smarter and prettier, always be healthy and happy :D

*those picture was drawn by me with photoshop, except for the green leaves & white lace they're from deviantart brushes--sorry I forgot :(
And the font, of course it's not my handwriting :)

7 komentar:

  1. Selamat ultah, semoga sesuatunya berjalan baik. Salam.

  2. wow...
    Dija jadi seger banget disini.
    kuenya enak..

    Thanks alot Tante Tia...

  3. wahhh...enaknya bisa maen photosop sebagus ini...
    selamat ulbul buat dija^^

  4. Tembemnya lucuuuu....

    Happy Birthday.. :)

  5. wah kereennn hasil sotoshopnya...izin comot ya non ;)


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