Kamis, 23 September 2010

Ied Holiday Part 2

Assalamu'alaikum :D
So here's the next story of my Ied Holiday... Well I put many pictures at once, sorry for the bad clarity... who wants to see my pictures actually? -_- hahaha

7th Day holiday
Jogjaaa (Yogyakarta)... We do visit this city because my mother insisted us to see a boutique named 'Putri Malu'. My mother was a big fans. The label's name was Belle Cloud but then it disappear, and Mom heard that Belle Cloud changed its name to Putri Malu and open its boutique only in a museum at Yogyakarta.
At first I wasn't interested at all about visiting museum. Then we arrived. It's located on Jalan Kaliurang. Museum Ulen Sentalu -- Art & Heritage of Javanese.
Waoooowww when we got there, I was soooo mesmerized like, "OOoOOOOOhhh......"
The most beautiful museum I've ever seen :D Here's some photograph of the 'not forbidden to be photographed area'. 

As you've seen, there were so many trees. Well, getting inside the museum, you'll feel like you're in a jungle labyrinth at ancient time. Luckily, there's a guide who will bring you to rooms and rooms full of antique treasures of Indonesia. Too bad we couldn't capture the museum. What's inside? Batik, heritage, and stories of Yogyakarta's aristocratic kingdom :)
I've never thought would fall in love with the stories. But I did. Ah you should experience it yourself :D
Then when the tour's over, we're allowed to take photographs (outside the heritage tour area).
  • The tour took +- 50 minutes (but you won't get bored)
  • Better when it's not raining
  • There's a boutique inside, you can visit after the tour. But if you're willing to buy something you should prepare much money. DOWA Bag (IDR 300K - 800K), Putri Malu clothes with beautiful batik & embroidery (IDR 200K - 1200K) *sigh*
  • And a beautiful antique cafe is built above the boutique. Perfect place for Dad to wait Mom shopping :))

Then we went to Moro Lejar restaurant. Well, the plan is to go to Surabaya soon but Mom & Dad were curious to go to Moro Lejar first. It's a famous "Lesehan" restaurant amongst tourists.
We can look koi fish below our gazebo :D And the food was delicioso!!! Even the Tempe Mendoan, yummyyyy.... Love: Tempe Mendoan, Urap-urap, Honey-baked-shrimp, Kremes chicken. I drank Pletok Beer. Hehehe not an alcoholic drink of course. It's just ginger water :)
Because it's already afternoon and Dad felt tired, we decided to add one more day at Jogja.

7th Day holiday
On our way to go back to Surabaya, once again Mom and Dad turned other way. A small village made them curious. It's Boyolali, the city of brass crafts. For Mom who worked at a catering, it's a heaven. All beautiful decorations with unique designs. The crafter imported them to many countries.
And then we visit Sragen (our journey became long coz we often turned to other city), special to visit an organic-food restaurant: Pondok Padi. I must say that the food was sooo niceee.... And you can be sure that the food is healthy because it's organic! No pesticide and chemicals.

After visiting all of those place, we were very satisfied. Heading to Surabaya again, alhamdulillah...
A long long vacation... Hope next year we could experience another great journey...

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  1. Aku sering ke Ullen Sentalu :) tapi kalo dah agak siangan ato sorean dikit pasti kabutnya dah turun jadi ditutup, enaknya kesananya pas pagi2an :)

  2. waahh tempatnya cantik bgt.. kepingin aku ke jogja.. hunting batik huhu ^^

  3. @Luchie: iya bagus banget Ullen Sentalu, huhuu... adem juga di sana.. :D
    @Dzt: ditunggu update batiknya yaaaa ;D

  4. @ibunyachusaeri: iya... ayok ayok jalan2 :D
    @vampir: kalo vampir mah sukanya minum darah ya...

  5. wow this place is niceeee

  6. wow.. i really want to go to Jogja!!! hehe ;)


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