Senin, 20 September 2010

Ied Holiday Part 1

Assalamu'alaikum... how are youuuu :D
Glad to have time to fill this blog again ^^ For us Indonesian, we're so lucky to have the chance for long holiday of Idul Fitri..
From the tweet of @ahmadgozali, I remember some words:
"For those who could enjoy long holiday, be grateful. Many people have to work soon after Idul Fitri.
And for those who don't have the chance to feel the holiday because you gotta work, be grateful. There are millions of unemployed people looking for job."
Be grateful to Allah for every condition, because only Him knows whats best :)

Well I wanna share some stories (and of course, photos :p)
1st Day of Idul Fitri
Well, this day I accompanied my Mom working... What?? Working on Idul Fitri? Yes. Well, my Mom & her family runs a family business: Sonokembang Catering *hey hey I'm promoting yayayayy :D* And that day, a special request came from Sekretaris Negara: Open House! That means the catering had to supply food from morning to evening for the guests... I didn't help too much, though...
What I wore: maxi dress, Grey blazer, Grey scarf, Wondershoe.
Not so many colors, huh?

By afternoon my father picked us and we went to Bogor to visit my grandma's brother.
*** Too bad at Bogor we didn't have the chance to eat Pizza Kayu Bakar @Kedai Kita; Kue Ape; Taoge Goreng & Es Sekoteng @Bogor Permai hehehe... favorite supper!!!

2nd Day of Idul Fitri
Back to Cimahi, my Grandma's house.. Had a family reunion (from my father's side).

3rd Day holiday
Went to Bandung... walking around Factory Outlets... alhamdulillah I didn't spend much money hehehe *hemat*

4th Day holiday
Went to Jakarta again, visiting my Grandma's oldest sister (from my mom's side). She is 95 years old now :D alhamdulillah...
Grandma's sister, we call her Eyang Budhe, who often wrote letters to her niece...

Spend the night at my uncle's apartment *wow that was my first time experiencing sleeping in an appartment* NDESO mode: ON

View from balcony... Hey I couldn't see the sunset!! Those buildings were too high! Give me back the birds & the bees, please...

5th Day holiday
Journey home, visit Wonosobo to sleep at an Agrowisata Cottage. Arrived at night... what a long road...

6th Day holiday
Ahhh finally we could see the view of the Agrowisata at Tambi tea factory (Wonosobo)... Fresh air, and vast tea garden... Take a deep breath... you won't feel the air at the city :) alhamdulillah...
fresh fresh fresh...

Then we continue our journey to Dieng... There were mount crater, lake, and other place to visit...
Ahahaha.. silauuuu... BTW My brother never smile at camera... so pardon him :p

Actually I did flying fox above Telaga Warna (Color Lake)... Too bad the camera didn't capture my action, hehehe *crying*

There's more to come! To be continued...

BTW, dear HijabScarf, this is my Lebaran post :D not a fashionable hijab post actually but I hope this can be counted as an entry *yayayayy giveaway* Hope it's not too late :D

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  1. Waaaa,,,lebarannya seru....irrriiiiii....
    Lho,,,Tia skarang lebih sering di Jakarta ya????

    Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin...

  2. setuju sama ka Riesta.. seruuu hihihihi
    mohon maaf lahir bathin ka tia :*

  3. Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin!!
    I know that Sonokembang Catering. The foods are nice. :)

  4. Wah klo kpn2 k Bogor lg kita Kopdar yah...

  5. the blazer is really nice. its great that you can wear it in Indonesia. Malaysia is too hot and I can't wear any of those cool jackets and blazers T_T

  6. Ass. Wr.Wb
    minal aidin walfaidzin nanda..* that ur nickname? :p
    really beautiful outfit :)

  7. suka bgt sama dress bunga2nya,, beli dmn? :-)

  8. i love the grey blazer...

  9. tante... ikutan acaranya Dija yaa
    tanggal 23 september
    datang yaaaa

  10. pemandangannya bagus mbakkk pengiiinn

  11. @masmuni: actually here is hot, too... but somehow the blazer gives cold feeling hehee
    @qurrota ayun: beli di pasar Atum... tapi lupa toko apa, hehe
    @Puput: iyaa, kapan2 pake Sonokembang yaa :D
    @Riesta: pas lebaran doang, Riestaa ke Jktnya ^^

  12. enaknya yang bsa liburan panjang pas lebaran...huhu..aku masih irii :p
    eh,ngmg2 pas lebaran kita sama2 pake dressnya CI yaa..hihi

  13. @Fika: hehehe... moga taun depan bisa long holiday yaa
    Btw CI kepanjangan di aku... di Fika lebih pas yah ^^
    emg harusnya pake heels... tapi namanya lagi liburan... ga bawa :D

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