Jumat, 24 September 2010

Orange is vitamin C

As vitamin C makes you fresh and healthy, wearing orange can boost your energy, too..
 Hijab inner: Tuneeca.com; Orange dress: Pasar Atum; Bag: gift, Wedge: Shoelicious

Have a bright bright day!

Captured at 9pm... tired face after having design lesson... :D
BTW BTW my design school will held an annual fashion show at October 8th... Should I join it or not?? I haven't made my piece of costume... Oh no...

Kamis, 23 September 2010

A post for a blogger friend

Dear mba Elsa, this post is special for you. Celebrating Dija's half years old, mba Elsa held a giveaway.

I wanna say happy half-birthday to Dija... A sweet baby, who has lost her mom at her day of birth. Luckily, she has Allah who always protect her, and a very-loving aunt, mba Elsa.
Reading your blog, how you love your little niece, really touches me to be a good mom someday :')
So happy half birthday to Dija... You still have years to come. But no worry, because you're showered with love. Getting bigger and smarter and prettier, always be healthy and happy :D

*those picture was drawn by me with photoshop, except for the green leaves & white lace they're from deviantart brushes--sorry I forgot :(
And the font, of course it's not my handwriting :)

Ied Holiday Part 2

Assalamu'alaikum :D
So here's the next story of my Ied Holiday... Well I put many pictures at once, sorry for the bad clarity... who wants to see my pictures actually? -_- hahaha

7th Day holiday
Jogjaaa (Yogyakarta)... We do visit this city because my mother insisted us to see a boutique named 'Putri Malu'. My mother was a big fans. The label's name was Belle Cloud but then it disappear, and Mom heard that Belle Cloud changed its name to Putri Malu and open its boutique only in a museum at Yogyakarta.
At first I wasn't interested at all about visiting museum. Then we arrived. It's located on Jalan Kaliurang. Museum Ulen Sentalu -- Art & Heritage of Javanese.
Waoooowww when we got there, I was soooo mesmerized like, "OOoOOOOOhhh......"
The most beautiful museum I've ever seen :D Here's some photograph of the 'not forbidden to be photographed area'. 

As you've seen, there were so many trees. Well, getting inside the museum, you'll feel like you're in a jungle labyrinth at ancient time. Luckily, there's a guide who will bring you to rooms and rooms full of antique treasures of Indonesia. Too bad we couldn't capture the museum. What's inside? Batik, heritage, and stories of Yogyakarta's aristocratic kingdom :)
I've never thought would fall in love with the stories. But I did. Ah you should experience it yourself :D
Then when the tour's over, we're allowed to take photographs (outside the heritage tour area).
  • The tour took +- 50 minutes (but you won't get bored)
  • Better when it's not raining
  • There's a boutique inside, you can visit after the tour. But if you're willing to buy something you should prepare much money. DOWA Bag (IDR 300K - 800K), Putri Malu clothes with beautiful batik & embroidery (IDR 200K - 1200K) *sigh*
  • And a beautiful antique cafe is built above the boutique. Perfect place for Dad to wait Mom shopping :))

Then we went to Moro Lejar restaurant. Well, the plan is to go to Surabaya soon but Mom & Dad were curious to go to Moro Lejar first. It's a famous "Lesehan" restaurant amongst tourists.
We can look koi fish below our gazebo :D And the food was delicioso!!! Even the Tempe Mendoan, yummyyyy.... Love: Tempe Mendoan, Urap-urap, Honey-baked-shrimp, Kremes chicken. I drank Pletok Beer. Hehehe not an alcoholic drink of course. It's just ginger water :)
Because it's already afternoon and Dad felt tired, we decided to add one more day at Jogja.

7th Day holiday
On our way to go back to Surabaya, once again Mom and Dad turned other way. A small village made them curious. It's Boyolali, the city of brass crafts. For Mom who worked at a catering, it's a heaven. All beautiful decorations with unique designs. The crafter imported them to many countries.
And then we visit Sragen (our journey became long coz we often turned to other city), special to visit an organic-food restaurant: Pondok Padi. I must say that the food was sooo niceee.... And you can be sure that the food is healthy because it's organic! No pesticide and chemicals.

After visiting all of those place, we were very satisfied. Heading to Surabaya again, alhamdulillah...
A long long vacation... Hope next year we could experience another great journey...

Senin, 20 September 2010

Ied Holiday Part 1

Assalamu'alaikum... how are youuuu :D
Glad to have time to fill this blog again ^^ For us Indonesian, we're so lucky to have the chance for long holiday of Idul Fitri..
From the tweet of @ahmadgozali, I remember some words:
"For those who could enjoy long holiday, be grateful. Many people have to work soon after Idul Fitri.
And for those who don't have the chance to feel the holiday because you gotta work, be grateful. There are millions of unemployed people looking for job."
Be grateful to Allah for every condition, because only Him knows whats best :)

Well I wanna share some stories (and of course, photos :p)
1st Day of Idul Fitri
Well, this day I accompanied my Mom working... What?? Working on Idul Fitri? Yes. Well, my Mom & her family runs a family business: Sonokembang Catering *hey hey I'm promoting yayayayy :D* And that day, a special request came from Sekretaris Negara: Open House! That means the catering had to supply food from morning to evening for the guests... I didn't help too much, though...
What I wore:
Cotton.ink maxi dress, Grey blazer, Grey scarf, Wondershoe.
Not so many colors, huh?

By afternoon my father picked us and we went to Bogor to visit my grandma's brother.
*** Too bad at Bogor we didn't have the chance to eat Pizza Kayu Bakar @Kedai Kita; Kue Ape; Taoge Goreng & Es Sekoteng @Bogor Permai hehehe... favorite supper!!!

2nd Day of Idul Fitri
Back to Cimahi, my Grandma's house.. Had a family reunion (from my father's side).

3rd Day holiday
Went to Bandung... walking around Factory Outlets... alhamdulillah I didn't spend much money hehehe *hemat*

4th Day holiday
Went to Jakarta again, visiting my Grandma's oldest sister (from my mom's side). She is 95 years old now :D alhamdulillah...
Grandma's sister, we call her Eyang Budhe, who often wrote letters to her niece...

Spend the night at my uncle's apartment *wow that was my first time experiencing sleeping in an appartment* NDESO mode: ON

View from balcony... Hey I couldn't see the sunset!! Those buildings were too high! Give me back the birds & the bees, please...

5th Day holiday
Journey home, visit Wonosobo to sleep at an Agrowisata Cottage. Arrived at night... what a long road...

6th Day holiday
Ahhh finally we could see the view of the Agrowisata at Tambi tea factory (Wonosobo)... Fresh air, and vast tea garden... Take a deep breath... you won't feel the air at the city :) alhamdulillah...
fresh fresh fresh...

Then we continue our journey to Dieng... There were mount crater, lake, and other place to visit...
Ahahaha.. silauuuu... BTW My brother never smile at camera... so pardon him :p

Actually I did flying fox above Telaga Warna (Color Lake)... Too bad the camera didn't capture my action, hehehe *crying*

There's more to come! To be continued...

BTW, dear HijabScarf, this is my Lebaran post :D not a fashionable hijab post actually but I hope this can be counted as an entry *yayayayy giveaway* Hope it's not too late :D

Selasa, 07 September 2010

Quick Update

Many things this Ramadhan...

Break fasting with good old friends
Ramadhan is a special event when we could meet our friends :)
This was me & my college friends, Ramadhan a year ago... There were 20s of us...

Breakfasting September 18, 2010.. Only a few left :) Most of my friends have worked far far away from Surabaya. Dewi, the red-girl will be going to Taiwan at Sept 11 2010.. And this Breakfasting was also a warm goodbye for her..

And that was my friend's, Yoyok, birthday... (the boy in red)

We really do enjoy breakfasting at home, where we could have a nice talk and still have a proper place to pray ;)

Daily Outfit
Well, these are some of my daily outfit.. Taken by my cutie pink cellphone hehehe... *too lazy for serious photograph* :p

Lesson I Learned: About 'Ikhlas'
Being ikhlas is not like "you give something without any burden and then you could forget it". We are allowed to feel the burden. But still, we do it because of Allah. Sometimes, without any objection in our heart, we only give little amount of money (ex: Rp 1.000, Rp 5.000 for pengemis). It's okay to give more, with a feeling, "Allah, this is hard for me, because this money means a lot to me. But I'll do it because of You, Allah... Please give me blessings.."
*heard from pengajian ESQ

Mudik, Coming Back Home a.k.a Pulang Kampung :)
And finally... Alhamdulillah this afternoon, after work I'll go MUDIK!! :D how about you dear bloggers? I'll have a trip to: Bandung-Cimahi-Bogor-Jakarta-Wonosobo-Yogyakarta-Surabaya....
So, see you again after Idul Fitri... Hope all the goodness we build this Ramadhan stay still until next Ramadhan... amiin

*PS To be done after Idul Fitri: I saw a Batik Workshop at Hotel Novotel Surabaya. With Rp 35.000 we can make our own batik HP pouch.. (painted by ourselves) I planned to go there after Lebaran holiday...
Any of you wanna join? :D

Minggu, 05 September 2010

DIY Idul Fitri Envelope

I bought this cuuuteee Idul Fitri envelope at Carrefour last night... Awww adore it!! 

Then, why not making the envelope by our own hands? :D
Ahhh I'm such an idea copycat >.<
Click to enlarge, print it on A4 paper... The envelope size is enough for paper money hehehehe.. Glue the figurines as you want, to make pop up effect use a thick double tape. 

For the black and white version: (Color it by yourself, or simply put gift wrapping or collages)

Will update for the result :D