Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

From Jakarta with L*ve?

Last week I went to Jakarta for another event: Mother & Baby Fair 2010. Selling another maternity & nursing wear again :D Been sooo busy (the event was much bigger than the last time I blogged), and there were sooo many buyers @_@ Luckily I met some of my college friends there :D
I also enjoy being there coz I can eat Bakmi GM twice hehehe *Bakmi GM lover*
I saw Dreamesh Living bazaar stand, too (her blog: dreamesh.blogspot.com)
Too bad I didn't take any picture.
The only picture from the bazaar: with mbak Shifa from Pourvous Body Care. Look at those cute backdrop.. Actually it's sticker, and after the bazaar they destroy the sticker... oooo I want it for my bedroom pleaaseee...

The last day at Jakarta, I met him... He whom I cannot meet every time... We had lunch at Plasa Semanggi and then he took me to the train station.. Oh how I hate goodbyes...
(1) Eating teppan yaki.. A little bit nausea after eating too much teriyaki sauce. (2) my fish teppan yaki.. luv gindara fish! (3) me with him,,, 20 centimeters difference!

Okay, that's long story being short. Thank you for reading & bye bye ;D