Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Hijabi Inspirations

When I started to fill this blog with my DIY projects, there were limited sources of information about hijab fashion. But nowadays, especially this year, many many hijabi bloggers have come with their beautiful mix & match :)

Meet my favorite hijab bloggers:

hijab blogger
1. Aifa Suitcase - love her creations & designs 2. Caca - love her vintage style 3. Ghaida - sweet & modest 4. Wulan - stylish & inspirational blog 5. Fiminin - muslimah blog-magazine 6. Dian Pelangi - a young & famous designer 7. Puput Utami - feminine style 8. Fika - so nice to see her wearing hijab this year :)
They are all from Indonesia! :D

hijab fashion blog

1. Hana Tajima - young inspirational designer 2. Fira - so stylish! 3. Shea - mix & match queen 4. Nabilah - cheerful style 5. Hijab Revival - elegant look 6. Coco's Pearls - Chic daily outfit & tips 7. Hijabscarf - New famous blog-magazine from Indonesia, super fashionable

Why do we love fashion blog? 

Because they are REAL PEOPLE wearing REAL CLOTHES :)
Well, magazine can be inspiring too, but I love reading fashion blog more because of that reason :))
Thank you for all girls who shares inspiration for wearing hijab... I hope someday, Hijab = The Trend ;) amiin...

PS: there are still many muslimah fashion bloggers out there... pardon me if your blog was not on the list above... hehehe... Maybe I'll make a sequel of this article :p