Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Daily Outfit: Oversized Top

I love wearing oversized clothes. They make my body looks fatter :)) hahaha... And I love wearing grey. I can just wear grey clothes everyday every week :p
Oversized cropped tee-$2 at ITC;
my first Wondershoe shoes (and its GREY yihaaaa);
Spandex flare brown skirt-$12;
Batik bag-$4; Necklace from Mom.
I put the front of my cropped tee inside my skirt, and left the rest outside. It creates an effect like I wear asymmetrical tee <3 love it..

Haaahh... someday I want to wear more colorful clothes -_-"

PS: nowadays I love this kind of layout for my blog: Picture Collage hehehe :D do you like it?