Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Cotton Ink Shawl for Hijab?

Assalamu'alaykum! Hiii... :) Meet me again on my last posting before Ramadhan ^^ 

You guys have known the brand cotton.ink, rite? I've been so curious about their shawl... Which will look fabulously good on fashionable person but also will look like "kain gombal disampirkan"--if our outfit doesn't match.

Well, I ordered one. It's the London Cream Classic Shawl. The material felt like Vannara's clothes... and I just feel like I could make my own piece from leftover materials -_-" hehe..

Then,, it's time to think how could I, or we hijab girls, can wear those shawl.
I've been inspired by Living Daisy's style here.

First trial:
Wear basic hijab. Wear the shawl outside. Pin at the back, and you're done. Let the rest cover your chest :D

Second Trial:
Wear basic hijab. Wear the shawl outside. Cross the rest of the shawl and wear it over your head. Let it be loose like wearing capuchon :D

Third Trial:
Wear basic hijab. Make ruffles of your shawl and pin it with brooch. Voila.
!!!Be careful when you pin it or the material will be torn!!!

  • Well, the shawl is wearable, and can be worn in several ways. But I'm not sure I'll be confidence enough to wear fancy hijab hehehe.
  • Material is a good cotton (I guess it's combed cotton).
  • Color is so pale. I don't really like it actually.
  • Prize vs quality: hmmm fair enough.. A little bit pricey I think, but their name is getting famous, rite? It's the brand.
  • Buy again? Umm maybe :)