Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Hijabi Inspirations

When I started to fill this blog with my DIY projects, there were limited sources of information about hijab fashion. But nowadays, especially this year, many many hijabi bloggers have come with their beautiful mix & match :)

Meet my favorite hijab bloggers:

hijab blogger
1. Aifa Suitcase - love her creations & designs 2. Caca - love her vintage style 3. Ghaida - sweet & modest 4. Wulan - stylish & inspirational blog 5. Fiminin - muslimah blog-magazine 6. Dian Pelangi - a young & famous designer 7. Puput Utami - feminine style 8. Fika - so nice to see her wearing hijab this year :)
They are all from Indonesia! :D

hijab fashion blog

1. Hana Tajima - young inspirational designer 2. Fira - so stylish! 3. Shea - mix & match queen 4. Nabilah - cheerful style 5. Hijab Revival - elegant look 6. Coco's Pearls - Chic daily outfit & tips 7. Hijabscarf - New famous blog-magazine from Indonesia, super fashionable

Why do we love fashion blog? 

Because they are REAL PEOPLE wearing REAL CLOTHES :)
Well, magazine can be inspiring too, but I love reading fashion blog more because of that reason :))
Thank you for all girls who shares inspiration for wearing hijab... I hope someday, Hijab = The Trend ;) amiin...

PS: there are still many muslimah fashion bloggers out there... pardon me if your blog was not on the list above... hehehe... Maybe I'll make a sequel of this article :p

Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

Random Days

What I wore to work lately:
1. Knee-length shirt. Plus: Always feel comfortable and covered up while wearing long shirt :)
Minus: looks even more shorter :)) ahaha

2. Wrapped scarf. Plus: ummmm.... make my face looked more oval?
Minus: not practical if we should do 'wudhu'
However actually I'm not confident enough to wear this kind of hijab hehehe

Have a nice day! :)

Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Design: Trouser

Another task for design class: no-ordinary trouser. Hmmmm I'm wondering do I have the sense of fashion? I just hope I'm not a fashion disaster hahahaha... Weeks after weeks of lesson, I still get amazed by other designer's clothes and wondering how can they get the idea like that? Why can't I?
By the way this is the design:

Zipper accent, contrast colors.

Happy Ramadhan and Independence Day

Hehehe maybe a little bit too late ;)
Happy Ramadhan to all of you who celebrate this holy month... Hope we all get forgiveness and pahala (what's the English word :-/ hmmm)
I am sorry for all mistakes I've done, if by any reason or any way I have hurt you :)

And by the way, my lovely Indonesia is 65 years old today ^^

Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Cotton Ink Shawl for Hijab?

Assalamu'alaykum! Hiii... :) Meet me again on my last posting before Ramadhan ^^ 

You guys have known the brand, rite? I've been so curious about their shawl... Which will look fabulously good on fashionable person but also will look like "kain gombal disampirkan"--if our outfit doesn't match.

Well, I ordered one. It's the London Cream Classic Shawl. The material felt like Vannara's clothes... and I just feel like I could make my own piece from leftover materials -_-" hehe..

Then,, it's time to think how could I, or we hijab girls, can wear those shawl.
I've been inspired by Living Daisy's style here.

First trial:
Wear basic hijab. Wear the shawl outside. Pin at the back, and you're done. Let the rest cover your chest :D

Second Trial:
Wear basic hijab. Wear the shawl outside. Cross the rest of the shawl and wear it over your head. Let it be loose like wearing capuchon :D

Third Trial:
Wear basic hijab. Make ruffles of your shawl and pin it with brooch. Voila.
!!!Be careful when you pin it or the material will be torn!!!

  • Well, the shawl is wearable, and can be worn in several ways. But I'm not sure I'll be confidence enough to wear fancy hijab hehehe.
  • Material is a good cotton (I guess it's combed cotton).
  • Color is so pale. I don't really like it actually.
  • Prize vs quality: hmmm fair enough.. A little bit pricey I think, but their name is getting famous, rite? It's the brand.
  • Buy again? Umm maybe :)

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Daily Outfit: Oversized Top

I love wearing oversized clothes. They make my body looks fatter :)) hahaha... And I love wearing grey. I can just wear grey clothes everyday every week :p
Oversized cropped tee-$2 at ITC;
my first Wondershoe shoes (and its GREY yihaaaa);
Spandex flare brown skirt-$12;
Batik bag-$4; Necklace from Mom.
I put the front of my cropped tee inside my skirt, and left the rest outside. It creates an effect like I wear asymmetrical tee <3 love it..

Haaahh... someday I want to wear more colorful clothes -_-"

PS: nowadays I love this kind of layout for my blog: Picture Collage hehehe :D do you like it?

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Daily Outfit: Korean dress

Okay, I have to admit I am noooo fashionable. Surprise? You shouldn't :D
I usually wear ordinary clothes... Sometimes oversized clothes which make me look fatter. Only when I try new thing, I took a picture hehehe... I still couldn't find a perfect style for me. The style has to match these criteria:

  • Not tight
  • Able to cover my big hip
  • No expose on thighs
  • No expose on chest
  • Not expensive
  • Comfortable

See? Somehow it's difficult -_-

Once upon a day I wore this dress... I look like a pregnant woman, hahaha... Probably won't wear this outfit again :-/ It's designed for skinny girl , and not matching with jeans...
Dress: from my mom; Bag: my mom's

Ahaha... enough for the fashion fail...

From Jakarta with L*ve?

Last week I went to Jakarta for another event: Mother & Baby Fair 2010. Selling another maternity & nursing wear again :D Been sooo busy (the event was much bigger than the last time I blogged), and there were sooo many buyers @_@ Luckily I met some of my college friends there :D
I also enjoy being there coz I can eat Bakmi GM twice hehehe *Bakmi GM lover*
I saw Dreamesh Living bazaar stand, too (her blog:
Too bad I didn't take any picture.
The only picture from the bazaar: with mbak Shifa from Pourvous Body Care. Look at those cute backdrop.. Actually it's sticker, and after the bazaar they destroy the sticker... oooo I want it for my bedroom pleaaseee...

The last day at Jakarta, I met him... He whom I cannot meet every time... We had lunch at Plasa Semanggi and then he took me to the train station.. Oh how I hate goodbyes...
(1) Eating teppan yaki.. A little bit nausea after eating too much teriyaki sauce. (2) my fish teppan yaki.. luv gindara fish! (3) me with him,,, 20 centimeters difference!

Okay, that's long story being short. Thank you for reading & bye bye ;D