Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

Magical Spiritual Journey [part 2]

The next stop is Mekkah... Holy city of Islam :) Well, back at sometimes before, I thought doing umrah was all about the 9-day-tour. But actually, umrah is done in 4 steps, which can be finished at around 3 hours: 1. Ihram; 2. Tawaf; 3. Sa'ey; 4. Tahalul.

1. Ihram is a state when a man should wear 2 pieces of white sheet (woman can wear their daily clothes--covered perfectly), and doing niyyah/niat/intention before entering Mekkah (the borders are called miqot). At this state, we are forbidden to cut our hair, our nails, killing animals, etc. Visit for more details.
Then we recite the Talbiyah... until we finally see Ka'bah...
Allahumma Labbayk.
La shareeka laka.
Innal-hamda wan-n'imata
laka wal-mulk.
La shareeka lak."
( Here we come,
O Allah, here we come !
Here we come.
No partner have You.
Here we come!
Praise indeed, and blessings, are Yours---
the Kingdom too!
No partner have You!)
2. Tawaf: circling around Ka’bah seven times with extreme love and devotion, dzikr and pray to Allah.
When we see Ka'bah for the first time, there'll be a bunch of feeling.... Subhanallah... Here is the place, where every muslims face when they pray...

3. Sa'ey: walking back and forth seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah which are situated to the south and north of the Ka’bah.
Back at ancient times, Siti Hajjar really did sa'ey... She ran through the hills, looking for people and source of water for her baby, Ismail. That was a sacrifice a mother would did, in the middle of hot desert.
Now, we can do sa'ey at comfortable way, as the government built a long gallery that enclosed Safa and Marwah.

4. Tahalul: after finishing sa'i, cut our hair, and the restriction of Ihram is finished... We can go back to normal life.

Pict 1: Bir 'Ali, a mosque when I first took my miqat for first umrah, the furthest from Mekkah.
Pict 2: Ji'ronah, miqat for second umrah.
Pict 3: At Marwah after finishing Sa'ey & Tahalul... My grandmother was really tired, she had struggled and kept being optimistic that she could finish. And Allah gave her power to did all of the steps, subhanallah. She's 80 years old :)
Pict 4: In front of Masjidil Haraam after Subuh.
Pict 5: Hehehe me riding a camel with my mother!
Pict 6: Masjidil Haraam... see you again next time...

Everytime I remember the steps of umrah, the view of Ka'bah, salat at Masjidil Haram, salat at Masjid Nabawi, I just want to cry... I miss that moments... I want to be there again.... To be there with my family was such a wonderful gift Allah gave me... To seek for forgiveness, to hope happiness for the future and beyond after, I hope Allah accepts our umrah... Allah, thank you...

Hope we all have the chance to be there, amiin....

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  1. Subhanallah...
    betapa kangennya sama Makkah...
    kangen sama Madinah

  2. Tante... nitip doa dong...
    doain Dija sehat selalu

  3. subhanalloh...
    kapan ya aku ksana???
    ngumpulin duit dulu.....

  4. alhamdulilah udah bisa kesana.. doain yang lain bisa segera nyusul, amiiin,,, :)

  5. subhanallah tia...pasti liburannya barokah banget..n seneng bgt pastinya..^_^

    moga umrohnya mambrur ya ti..

    pantesan g update2 blog..kirain lagi sibuk...^_^

    seneng liat foto2nya..jadi semakin rindu ke baitullah lgi..

  6. Subhanallah...perjalanan umrah yg tak terlupakan

    semoga suatu saat saya bisa kesana...amin :)

  7. @ mbak Elsa & Dija imut: insyaAllah bisa ke sana lagi yaaa, amiin ^^
    @ Riesta: pasti bisa, insyaAllah kesempatan itu akan datang :)
    @ Dela & Nana: ayooo ke sana lagiii... mungkin bisa di-list travel yg murah tp pelayanan oke, hehehe :D
    @ Siwi: amiiin... insyaAllah Siwi...

  8. Insya Allah, i'll visit this place soon..

  9. Subhanallah...smg ada kesempatan buat saia kesana, amin :)

  10. semoga aku n orang2 tersayangku bisa kesana.. AAMIEN.

  11. subhanallah..
    semoga aku bisa kesana ya Allah ..

  12. kangen mekkah & madinah..
    semoga bisa cepat umroh lg. amin..

    gimana rasanya waktu sa'i?
    waktu aku pertama kali sa'i, rasanya cape bgt, ky mw pingsan..

  13. waaahhh senangnyaa... mudah2an bisa cepet nyusul kesana amiinn...

  14. lovely blog!!!!

  15. kaa aku juga kangen banget nget .. waktu disana rasanya gamau pulang, waktu pulang aku nangis..
    ya Allah smoga kita diberi kesempatan lagi kak kesana. Amin ya Rabb..


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