Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Sketch: Animal Print

Lunch break! Yayyy I still have 30 minutes free :D So I'll post my sketch at the design lesson a week ago. The task was to make 2 dresses in one style, using animal print fabric. The hardest part was painting the animal print, one-by-one. So tiring and boring hehehe. Pardon me, if this pict is not modest enough. I'll try to sketch hijabi version for the next tasks :)

I think the blue one should be red, too :-/
BTW I got a surprise prize from Luchie :D She's so creative, I got a crocheted brooch she made herself. I'll post it next ;) Thank you Luchieeee ^^

PS: sorry for not being able to blogwalking to your blogs... I do visit and read your blogs :) but time runs so fast and I couldn't freely leave comments..

I do love comments, but it feels the greatest when you know someone actually read your blogs (although they don't leave any comments) for the content :) Thank you for being my blog reader, it supports me to keep posting hehehe.... ^^ thank youuu....