Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Sketch: Animal Print

Lunch break! Yayyy I still have 30 minutes free :D So I'll post my sketch at the design lesson a week ago. The task was to make 2 dresses in one style, using animal print fabric. The hardest part was painting the animal print, one-by-one. So tiring and boring hehehe. Pardon me, if this pict is not modest enough. I'll try to sketch hijabi version for the next tasks :)

I think the blue one should be red, too :-/
BTW I got a surprise prize from Luchie :D She's so creative, I got a crocheted brooch she made herself. I'll post it next ;) Thank you Luchieeee ^^

PS: sorry for not being able to blogwalking to your blogs... I do visit and read your blogs :) but time runs so fast and I couldn't freely leave comments..

I do love comments, but it feels the greatest when you know someone actually read your blogs (although they don't leave any comments) for the content :) Thank you for being my blog reader, it supports me to keep posting hehehe.... ^^ thank youuu....

14 komentar:

  1. I like the blue one too~ ;)

  2. cooool ka tia :D
    i like both, but i prefer the blue one. bikin yg untuk berhijab dong kaak ;)

  3. Tia you are so right, i really appreciate it if my readers leave some comments at my blog, so I can get to know them and return their visit. But still, leaving comments or not i really appreciate my readers. :)

  4. Tia..aku suka dua2nya.. Coba dibuat lebih edgy lagi,pasti jadi lebih baguus :))Keep up the good work Ti..

  5. mba kereeen bangeet gambarnya..
    kuliah desain ya?

  6. aku suka model bajunya,,,
    cma aku gak suka make yg animal printed gtu...

  7. waaaaa..mau dong diajarin gambar gtu tia...aku suka yg merah...^^
    yup ditunggu yg gambar untuk berkerudung.. :)

  8. nice blog and good postings! aku sukaaaaa :)

  9. wow animal print...arrrgg hehe kalo diperhatikan seperti animal print model military gitu...keren!!

  10. keren! pengen banget deh bisa bikin sketch gini, belajar di mana sih ? trus kalo masukin artikel ke gogirl gimana caranya ?
    aduh maaf banyak tanya, hehehe

  11. i like the red one :)

    still imagine how can i wear that dress with hijab version,, hehhe

    good job sist!

  12. kalo itu coat untuk winter
    baguuus banget tuh

  13. You sketch really well!I like them both! I had also a task on college "animal print".


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