Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Sisters Who Blog

This post is dedicated to Amber Misk who has a spirit to gather muslimah bloggers all around the world :)
She created a network: sisterswhoblog.ning.com (an alternative to our Facebook), that consists of all sisters having an active blog ;) Joining the network, you'll find out many talented muslimah in art, fashion, dedicated to education, etc etc etc ^o^
And NOW Sisterswhoblog held a Blog Award: Here's what she said:
"I’m pleased to announce that we have 12 categories listed for the 2010 Best Blog Award. WOW!

  1. Best Arts and Crafts Blog
  2. Best Educational Blog
  3. Best Fashion Blog
  4. Best Food Blog
  5. Best General Blog
  6. Best Islamic Blog
  7. Best Motherhood Blog
  8. Best Motivational Blog
  9. Best New Blog
  10. Best Photo Blog
  11. Best Political Blog
  12. Best Teen Blog"
Rare opportunity for muslimahs ;D

5 komentar:

  1. i wanna join!!! how! i have a new magazine blog =)
    visit mine.

  2. oh nevermind, i just read it. theres the link lol =)

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