Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Quick Update

1. Yeah I broke my promise to post 1 design per week :( Been exhausted... And when I'm home I don't want to see my laptop T_T Ahh so sorryyyy...
2. I took fashion design course at Arva every Monday & Friday, starting at 5 pm - 8 pm... Soooo fun but lately I feel my body is tired a.k.a Masuk Angin easily, while my heart gets excited -_-"
3. I joined Art of Drapery Competition and because I was too tired & hopeless I didn't finish sewing hahaha... and of course I didn't win. Now I'm falling in love with the art of drapery... how we can make an outfit without cutting the cloth :) it's so beautiful...

Anyway a posting wouldn't be complete without a picture :p So here it is... badly edited. Aah... this photoshoot was taken maybe a month ago -_-"
Sole Mio Dress, Denim Look-a-like , including Vest.
This dress is available if you want it... Rp 150.000. Actually I sell it at my-neglected-online-shop. Just email me if u're interested, okay :)