Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

I Was Crazy

...about Pet Society.
You know... a social game in facebook, where you can have a virtual pet and buy clothes and foods and furnitures for them. I had a pet named Lullabella; here she is:
Well, as you see, I've already used the name "Tealovecoffee" (now I think it's a stupid name because of wrong grammar,, hahaha.... it must be "tea-loveS-coffee"... hey hey why am I writing about my nickname, this post is supposed to tell the world about my Pet-Society-Craziness -_-")

My pet was poor, I had to visit all my neighbor everyday and join race to get money. Then I found the forum of Pet Society. That's when my craziness started. I found out many users held giveaways or contests. They wanted their pet to be drawn, or they wanted people making them a cute avatar. And I wasted my time drawing and scanning and editing --> I supposed to work on my final project at early 2009.

I won the drawing contests a few times, and my pet got many luxury items---which I sold to get much money. And the game became uninteresting anymore coz my pet was already rich. My boredom made me stop playing, and voila, I finished my Final Project :D

Here's a few of my creations ;) do enjoy them, as I spent much of my time making all those paintings beautiful.

An Avatar I made [using CorelDraw], won the first prize (the pet owner loved what I made) ;D

Won the costume design contest [I created the Balinese costume using Corel]. Look at the details... how could I spent my time working on such details like that -___-"

A painting I made, I got a bath tub and kitchen set hahahaha [painted by hand, scanned, and colored using Photoshop]

Another painting I made, got the luxurious rare item: Piano [painted by hand, scanned, and colored using Photoshop]

Another painting I made, I really love it, so neat :) And the pet owner loved the painting, too ^o^ [painted by hand, scanned, and colored using Photoshop, background details: brushes from Deviantart]