Senin, 28 Juni 2010

DIY Fringe Cardigan from Pashmina [1]

Insya Allah tomorrow I'll go abroad... I'll tell you later, hehehe... Sooo just enjoy this scheduled-post ;) I just don't want to let my blog empty for a week hehehe...

As I've promised before, I'll post my experiment on pashmina... I do think this is a kind of draping. We will make a piece of cardigan without cutting/destructing the fabric (anyway who wants to cut their pashmina?? no wayyy) :)

Wellllll,,, this is soooo simple:
Stitch the blue area. Make sure to leave some space (no stitch) which is wide enough for your hand.

And the result:
Use it as cardigan... or simply attach a cute brooch (featuring Luchie's brooch) as on the last picture.

I got those crocheted brooch from Luchie... it's a surprise prize ^^ Thank youuu Luchieee you're so creative!

Enjoy your day ;D