Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Daily outfitS

Dear bloggers, actually I wanna post my experiment to create some outfit made of pashmina, but after minutes of sewing, my camera's battery was exhausted and I couldn't find the charger LOLs... So, I think I'll just post some daily outfits (sorry for poor quality of picts), captured by my phone.

Yep, if u notice, I wore my diy-ribbony-cardigan in the last pict.

And I got this sweet sweet award from Puput Utami, a muslimah fashion blogger :) Visit her blog, she has great style ^^
Thank you Puput! :D

and happy Monday yayyy..!!!
*I love Monday because I'll have design lesson (Monday night) :p

BTW Vannara held a giveaway... Visit here :)