Senin, 28 Juni 2010

DIY Fringe Cardigan from Pashmina [1]

Insya Allah tomorrow I'll go abroad... I'll tell you later, hehehe... Sooo just enjoy this scheduled-post ;) I just don't want to let my blog empty for a week hehehe...

As I've promised before, I'll post my experiment on pashmina... I do think this is a kind of draping. We will make a piece of cardigan without cutting/destructing the fabric (anyway who wants to cut their pashmina?? no wayyy) :)

Wellllll,,, this is soooo simple:
Stitch the blue area. Make sure to leave some space (no stitch) which is wide enough for your hand.

And the result:
Use it as cardigan... or simply attach a cute brooch (featuring Luchie's brooch) as on the last picture.

I got those crocheted brooch from Luchie... it's a surprise prize ^^ Thank youuu Luchieee you're so creative!

Enjoy your day ;D

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Sketch: Animal Print

Lunch break! Yayyy I still have 30 minutes free :D So I'll post my sketch at the design lesson a week ago. The task was to make 2 dresses in one style, using animal print fabric. The hardest part was painting the animal print, one-by-one. So tiring and boring hehehe. Pardon me, if this pict is not modest enough. I'll try to sketch hijabi version for the next tasks :)

I think the blue one should be red, too :-/
BTW I got a surprise prize from Luchie :D She's so creative, I got a crocheted brooch she made herself. I'll post it next ;) Thank you Luchieeee ^^

PS: sorry for not being able to blogwalking to your blogs... I do visit and read your blogs :) but time runs so fast and I couldn't freely leave comments..

I do love comments, but it feels the greatest when you know someone actually read your blogs (although they don't leave any comments) for the content :) Thank you for being my blog reader, it supports me to keep posting hehehe.... ^^ thank youuu....

Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

I Was Crazy

...about Pet Society.
You know... a social game in facebook, where you can have a virtual pet and buy clothes and foods and furnitures for them. I had a pet named Lullabella; here she is:
Well, as you see, I've already used the name "Tealovecoffee" (now I think it's a stupid name because of wrong grammar,, hahaha.... it must be "tea-loveS-coffee"... hey hey why am I writing about my nickname, this post is supposed to tell the world about my Pet-Society-Craziness -_-")

My pet was poor, I had to visit all my neighbor everyday and join race to get money. Then I found the forum of Pet Society. That's when my craziness started. I found out many users held giveaways or contests. They wanted their pet to be drawn, or they wanted people making them a cute avatar. And I wasted my time drawing and scanning and editing --> I supposed to work on my final project at early 2009.

I won the drawing contests a few times, and my pet got many luxury items---which I sold to get much money. And the game became uninteresting anymore coz my pet was already rich. My boredom made me stop playing, and voila, I finished my Final Project :D

Here's a few of my creations ;) do enjoy them, as I spent much of my time making all those paintings beautiful.

An Avatar I made [using CorelDraw], won the first prize (the pet owner loved what I made) ;D

Won the costume design contest [I created the Balinese costume using Corel]. Look at the details... how could I spent my time working on such details like that -___-"

A painting I made, I got a bath tub and kitchen set hahahaha [painted by hand, scanned, and colored using Photoshop]

Another painting I made, got the luxurious rare item: Piano [painted by hand, scanned, and colored using Photoshop]

Another painting I made, I really love it, so neat :) And the pet owner loved the painting, too ^o^ [painted by hand, scanned, and colored using Photoshop, background details: brushes from Deviantart]

Sisters Who Blog

This post is dedicated to Amber Misk who has a spirit to gather muslimah bloggers all around the world :)
She created a network: (an alternative to our Facebook), that consists of all sisters having an active blog ;) Joining the network, you'll find out many talented muslimah in art, fashion, dedicated to education, etc etc etc ^o^
And NOW Sisterswhoblog held a Blog Award: Here's what she said:
"I’m pleased to announce that we have 12 categories listed for the 2010 Best Blog Award. WOW!

  1. Best Arts and Crafts Blog
  2. Best Educational Blog
  3. Best Fashion Blog
  4. Best Food Blog
  5. Best General Blog
  6. Best Islamic Blog
  7. Best Motherhood Blog
  8. Best Motivational Blog
  9. Best New Blog
  10. Best Photo Blog
  11. Best Political Blog
  12. Best Teen Blog"
Rare opportunity for muslimahs ;D

Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Daily outfitS

Dear bloggers, actually I wanna post my experiment to create some outfit made of pashmina, but after minutes of sewing, my camera's battery was exhausted and I couldn't find the charger LOLs... So, I think I'll just post some daily outfits (sorry for poor quality of picts), captured by my phone.

Yep, if u notice, I wore my diy-ribbony-cardigan in the last pict.

And I got this sweet sweet award from Puput Utami, a muslimah fashion blogger :) Visit her blog, she has great style ^^
Thank you Puput! :D

and happy Monday yayyy..!!!
*I love Monday because I'll have design lesson (Monday night) :p

BTW Vannara held a giveaway... Visit here :)

Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Quick Update

1. Yeah I broke my promise to post 1 design per week :( Been exhausted... And when I'm home I don't want to see my laptop T_T Ahh so sorryyyy...
2. I took fashion design course at Arva every Monday & Friday, starting at 5 pm - 8 pm... Soooo fun but lately I feel my body is tired a.k.a Masuk Angin easily, while my heart gets excited -_-"
3. I joined Art of Drapery Competition and because I was too tired & hopeless I didn't finish sewing hahaha... and of course I didn't win. Now I'm falling in love with the art of drapery... how we can make an outfit without cutting the cloth :) it's so beautiful...

Anyway a posting wouldn't be complete without a picture :p So here it is... badly edited. Aah... this photoshoot was taken maybe a month ago -_-"
Sole Mio Dress, Denim Look-a-like , including Vest.
This dress is available if you want it... Rp 150.000. Actually I sell it at my-neglected-online-shop. Just email me if u're interested, okay :)