Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Comic Strips I Love

In order of appearance at the pict above:

  1. Kobo Chan by Masashi Ueda (and lately Ueda published new comic "Otoboke")
  2. Benny & Mice comics, appear in Kompas Newspaper & Tamtomo blog
  3. My Milktoof by Inhae, story of 2 little teeth :) Inhae made all her props and captured them into stories. You'll be amazed seeing the artwork.
  4. Locomostrip, made by an Indonesian student. His tagline is "One comic strip a day" so everyday you can check back for new strip :D
  5. Being Five, stories of a 5 yo boy who blogs... Pretty cute ;p
I can be happy just by reading them :p