Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

1 Design per day?? Errr...

Assalamu'alaykum.. Hyaaa I know I've been a very bad bad blogger lately... Busy doing this or that and I've forgotten my sweet blog.. Well I've told you before, the reason of laziness: 1. Too lazy to do photoshoot of daily style (in fact my daily style doesn't deserve to be captured hahaha); 2. Too lazy to think something creative...
Well yeah, since I made this blog to be my canvas of creativity,,, lately I need a lot of effort to post something >.<

Anyway last week I was at Jakarta joining Breastfeeding Fair Bazaar. I met Wulan, the muslimah fashion blogger. She visited me at my boutique's booth. Too bad I didn't take a picture hehehe... She's just so adorable, and I wore a uniform.. Nice to meet you Wulan ^^

I've been thinking what am I gonna do with this blog? How if I post 1 design per day??? Errrrrrr.... sounds great but ummm it's a lot of effort!!  So maybe I will post 1 design per week, 1 daily style per week, and 1 DIY project per month. Pheww...

Today's design:
Waterfall outer
Really want to make this for my own :D Made by 2 colors of chiffon (reversible)...
-waterfall outer + abaya-

14 komentar:

  1. desainnya mbak tia bagus kok aku suka

  2. i like it tia, the outer adds a chic look to the plain abaya..

  3. Hi there!

    Nice outfit~ =)

  4. Direalisasikan dunk Tia..
    Ak menunggu koleksi2 terbarumu lho..

  5. sooooo cuteeeeeee
    itu design nya pake apa??
    ato manual drawing?

  6. bagus banget pilihan warnanya
    aku suka

  7. pengen juga bs gambar gtuuuuuu... bagusss^^

  8. bagus mba'...... ^^
    aku suka bengat ^^

  9. tiaa jago bgt sih desain mendesain..mau dooonk didesainin :p..haha

  10. waa miss sibuk juga nih :D ungu!!! aku suka warnanyaaa :)

  11. @ all: hehe thank you :)
    masi berantakan gambarnya :p.. manual, scan, trus diwarnai di photoshop...

  12. hai hai..seneng juga ketemu Tia.. Akhirnya bisa ketemu langsung,klo kata temenku, Restu, wah Tia sama lo beda bgt ya Lan,hehehe.. Ayo ketemu lagi tii..abis kmrn Tia sibuk skali, sampe susah mau ngobrol2 lama.... :)


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