Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Comic Strips I Love

In order of appearance at the pict above:

  1. Kobo Chan by Masashi Ueda (and lately Ueda published new comic "Otoboke")
  2. Benny & Mice comics, appear in Kompas Newspaper & Tamtomo blog
  3. My Milktoof by Inhae, story of 2 little teeth :) Inhae made all her props and captured them into stories. You'll be amazed seeing the artwork.
  4. Locomostrip, made by an Indonesian student. His tagline is "One comic strip a day" so everyday you can check back for new strip :D
  5. Being Five, stories of a 5 yo boy who blogs... Pretty cute ;p
I can be happy just by reading them :p

Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Trapped in a net

A long cardigan always works best to cover big hips.
Net cardigan: mom's early 80s clothes, purple shirt: Mixit, purplish veil, purplish skirt, pearly brooch, flowery scarf.

Yeah I'll be dead if one of my school/college friends see me posing like that. Really. Not. Photogenic. Ha ha ha...

Thrifted Daily Outfit

What I wore to the office yesterday:
Vintage dress: Gedebage market, Vest: mom's outfit from the early 80s, Veil: mom's, Brooch: mom's, Jeans: mine. Hehehe...

Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

1 Design per day?? Errr...

Assalamu'alaykum.. Hyaaa I know I've been a very bad bad blogger lately... Busy doing this or that and I've forgotten my sweet blog.. Well I've told you before, the reason of laziness: 1. Too lazy to do photoshoot of daily style (in fact my daily style doesn't deserve to be captured hahaha); 2. Too lazy to think something creative...
Well yeah, since I made this blog to be my canvas of creativity,,, lately I need a lot of effort to post something >.<

Anyway last week I was at Jakarta joining Breastfeeding Fair Bazaar. I met Wulan, the muslimah fashion blogger. She visited me at my boutique's booth. Too bad I didn't take a picture hehehe... She's just so adorable, and I wore a uniform.. Nice to meet you Wulan ^^

I've been thinking what am I gonna do with this blog? How if I post 1 design per day??? Errrrrrr.... sounds great but ummm it's a lot of effort!!  So maybe I will post 1 design per week, 1 daily style per week, and 1 DIY project per month. Pheww...

Today's design:
Waterfall outer
Really want to make this for my own :D Made by 2 colors of chiffon (reversible)...
-waterfall outer + abaya-

Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Some Designs for Vannara and Tanisha

Well, I work at some online boutique: Vannara & Tanisha (they're under the same management)... Been busy preparing everything (making catalogs, designing banners, etc etc...) I just love my job, feels like doing my hobby every day every week hehehe :D Here are some graphic designs I made last week (no, I don't design clothes)...
Picture for Vannara's website

X-Banner for Tanisha
Big thanks to Photoshop and Deviantart's artsy people who provide nice brushes..

Sorry for the messy arrangement of pics... Limited time hehehe... And I'll be going to Jakarta next week, coz Tanisha will join AIMI breastfeeding fair @ fX... So if anyone of you come there, maybe you'll see me selling maternity & nursing clothes hehehe...

Well, some of you had been asking, how about my own online shop? BeauteaLine project will be postponed until I'm matured enough (how is 'matured enough' supposed to be?) to open a Real-Professional Online Shop.. I'll be learning how to design properly, how to choose nice fabrics, how to subcontract sewing to some tailor... Ahhh so many things need to be calculated...
And here I want to say congratulation for Aifa who's already being able to chase her dreams... You're such an inspiration :)