Senin, 19 April 2010

Modest Styles Formulation

Do you have any formulation of how to mix and match clothes? Well, I do. The formulation is E = m.c^2. Of course not -____-" Take it easy, readers...
For muslimah, I had a theory that the shorter your top, the wider your bottom should be. For example:
source of pict: polyvore

  1. If you wear T-shirt that has waist-line length, wearing jeans will show off your bottoms and thighs... And I just think it's way too sexy for muslimah... So it's better to wear skirt that don't show your line..
  2. If you wear tunics above the knee, it's okay to wear jeans *but not too tight*... Wearing skirt will be too much.. And wearing leggings will still be too sexy...
  3. If you wear dress below the knee and above the ankle, you can simply wear leggings/skinny jeans, because all your sexy parts of body has already been covered up.
  4. If you wear maxi dress or abaya... well, its already appropriate :) But for safety, use legging *in case wind blows your skirt*
The point is, if you think your curves are still exposed, then it's not covered enough...
Do you have any more tips? Agree or disagree?