Sabtu, 24 April 2010

I Luvvvvv Vintage!!! ^o^

I found some old Japanese Tailor Pattern Book in my office (maybe your moms had it too :D)... Those books were so old but... wowww sooo lovelyyy... I scanned some of the pictures ;p
(1) Cute skirt... Works well on Indonesian's traditional batik/songket :D
(2) Just love the simplicity, nice for working outfit too ^^
(3)  Simple cutting yet so elegant...

And look at these adorable kids in cute dresses (and suit) ^o^

Wowww feels like wanna go find some nice fabrics and go to the tailor soon, hahaha.. Well, actually I scanned a lot but too lazy to post here. I'll keep them for myself hehehehehe...